RABONA football season - 24 has ended

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Hello Hive gamers!

Today RABONA football season - 24 has ended.
My football team finished second with 75 points. My team name is Myanmar.



I can not control my team for every match because I do not have enough time and internet in Myanmar. But I satisfind for my team result.

If you work hard, you will one day be successful

My team had a lot debts before. Now my team has no debts. I checked my teams financial and changed ticket and scarf prices something like that.

Next season will start coming soon so
I bought some young players for my team
and prepared training.


Do you like football?

If you do not know about RABONA please read hereand find more information.


We are meeting here by one commenting.
I am very active in commenting. I had some tribes tokens power in Hive Engine. And you can get some H E tokens from my voting
to your comment.




All gifs make by @myanmarkoko




Enjoy your tip. I don't know much about Robona, but in Aramaic "Rabboni" means "Teacher".

Thanks for your comment.
Long time no see!
It is a good meaning ''Teacher''.
Now in my country I can use internet
easily because of Myanmars political.

And thank you for tip ❤@mineopoly

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