[REVIEW] Crypto Voucher - Buy STEEM with your Credit Card with no FEES!

in realityhubs •  4 months ago 

I have recently bought crypto with my Credit Card... and I want to give the community my feedback.

Crypto Voucher - Crypto, simplified!


And agree 100%! It was super simple, blazing fast and with an interesting vast amount of options, in terms of vouchers that I have never seen elsewhere.

Make sure also to check the last post from @cryptovoucher for more detailed information.

What did I buy?

I have used the 200€ promotion and got an additional 10€ gift! Both already redeemed. 😁

The process

This was my process and I expect that will probably be the same for most users, so here it goes in case you wish to know it advance of trying it:

  1. Use the link (CLICK HERE) on the above referred post if you are buying 200€
  2. Register (you will need an email and a cell phone number)
  3. Complete the KYC process (use the Automatic option if you can, took seconds to complete for me)
  4. Re-use the link (CLICK HERE) above to make the purchase...
  5. Choose the amount (example for 200€) and click the CHECKOUT button:
  6. Choose the payment method (example for the Credit Card) and acknowledge the Terms & Conditions (there is a link in the bottom of the page):
  7. Fill out your Credit Card details and click PAY NOW (you have a certain amount of time to complete the transaction, due variability of crypto, if you find an error due that, go back 1-step and restart the process):
  8. After the transaction completes (almost instantaneous) you will receive an email with your voucher code from noreply@cryptovoucher.io (pumped example bellow 🤣):
  9. You can then immediately redeem for one of the four (4) available currencies. Click on REDEEM at the top right of the main page:
  10. Enter your code and then choose from the available cryptos. At the time of my experience, only Bitcoin could use a Voucher of a minimum of 10€, the others needed a minimum of 40€ Voucher:

After redeeming, it took the basic cryptocurrency transaction time for it to be confirmed (which is amazing).

A little personal request to @cryptovoucher... if 4% of fees are being given, why not also offer the blockchain fee? =) it's so low... at least add free blockchain transactions fees for 200€ vouchers 😉

Preeeettyyyy pleaseeeee! 😍

After some hours... I also got my 10€ gift...

My Suggestions

These are based on my experience and what I think it might even work better on what I already saw from you.

  • Add the ability to "join/combine" vouchers... into bigger ones - I am going to use it if implemented!
  • Allow free blockchain transaction fees for vouchers above X of value. Will mitigate the expense and promote users to join multiple 10€ vouchers into bigger ones to dilute the potential excessive big fees.
  • Allow bigger (> 200€) voucher purchases with higher KYC complexity.

Funny fact...

The crypto prices are really real-time (or near it), and when I was redeeming it, I have seen how easy is to get the price at the "right time". Totally insane for who does not expect such latency synchronicity with the market.

Buying STEEM using FIAT?

Then this service is a must for you!

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  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Re Step 9...

You can then immediately redeem for one of the four (4) available currencies.

What are the four available currencies?

Did you buy STEEM through this system? If so, how many STEEM did you receive for the 200 euros?

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

These are the four currencies... and this is an example of 50€ (which if buying via an exchange would be something like 460 STEEM instead). So, they are buying via exchange at the ask prices (most likely). I don't like the blockchain fee too... especially because I know I can get almost free.


Thanks for the extra information.

And apparently they are using Binance =) They could have used my referral LOL =)

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Oooh I'll definitely try this