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I of all people have never really thought that DC would really make their move in terms of making their comic characters come to live. They proved all of us wrong and now slowly they are diving much more in the universe of cinema and I must say they are really making a place in the heart of viewers with the theme and the way they are presenting the movies towards the audiences. Let me share one of those kind of movie today which have made a significant comeback (from the point of view if viewers) and would share my review regarding the movie.

Aquaman, one of the not really focused character in DC universe. While many even have not really thought of this character to see the light of his own movie but yeah surprise surprise not only it got released but have really shown a whole new different point of view of cinematic universe which have really touched people in very positive ways.

Aquaman is a superhero movie which is sixth edition of DCEU. It was released on December 21, 2018 US. With in lead Jason Momoa perfecting the role in his own way.

Atlantis, the world underwater which has seven kingdoms. The king rules the seven kingdoms which is one of the most prime issue of movie. The throne of Atlantis really allows two brothers to keep on fighting until the end. Jason Momoa being the son of the queen of Atlanta and his father being a human, he seems to be born with a special ability to communicate with sea creatures which is one of the turning point of this character in the movie.

The plot of the movie is designed in such a way where a viewer must have to stay connected in front of the screen as every scene is really intertwined with the other. While if I really have to say few words about this movie in my words then I must point out few things and gladly sharing them with you:

First of all this is a whole new world type of movie where many of us have read the comic of the underwater world and thanks to this movie those stories really came true. In addition to that the way the whole scenario was pointed out to us that does really deserves an applaud, for instance the talking that were done under the water in the movie, those effects were really amazing and the abilities of the people of Atlantis underwater that is also something which will attract you in the movie.

Not only that the love story of the Queen of Atlantis (Nicole Kidman) and Jason's father ( Temuera Morrison) there are some epic scenes which will make you fall for the words "LOVE & TRUST".

Nevertheless, the VFX, the scenes and the plot of the movie of overall all the characters have been profoundly exciting to watch. The credit goes to the direction of "James Wan" along with others which is the screenplay and also the hard work of all the crew and the member of the movie.


I still remember the fact after release of this poster many people really trolled Jason about the costume but yeah after the release of the movie, those mouths were really shut and hence proved some significance of that get up indeed.

This is a movie that you will really like to watch with your friends and beloved and mostly you sure will enjoy the movie. I like to watch those movies which are entertaining and mostly will worth my time and Aquaman would really get my vote in there.

P:S: Damn. DC is really making me it's fan by creating this sort of movies jk !!

From my pov DC should have introduced the characters one by one and then go for Justice League which should have been a lot more to grab for the viewers but I guess they were in quite a hurry to make their move in the cinematic universe.

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Very good review by you brother.Keep it up.

Thanks !!

Usually, superheroes movies are not my kind of thing (with a few exceptions)... And this one is a very good example of who to do a great movie based on HQ stories.

Plus, Nicole Kidman is amazing in that movie! :)

Well, I do try to watch movies which are at least entertaining of any sorts (It may of different language as well) I would give my time in pursue of that . While yep this movie at least I enjoyed it watching it .

Plus, Nicole Kidman is amazing in that movie!

Her appearance in the movie was sure pretty cool.

Thanks for dropping by !!