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I am a very good listener ! This is what many of my friends does thinks of me and as for myself I think that it kind of feels great to listen to people (not all of them) and get to know them and most importantly learn something from their experience which they shared with me. As it continues I also am a very good fan of these motivational vlogs or talks, as whenever I get some free time at hand or whenever I need a certain push to move forward from the obstacles in my life these talks comes in play and helps me to overcome those situations. Today's movie is one of that sort and one that have really inspired me in several ways. Stay tuned and hopefully your time will be worth it.

"Goal! The Dream Begins" is a sports,drama film which was released on 2005 which had in lead "Kuno Becker" (Santiago Munez). If you are a football lover then this movie is a must for you to watch.


This movie is about a boy who lives in Mexico and his passion and dream is to become a football player which he is a great fan of and he have mastered some excellent skills which helps him along the journey of his life as a footballer.

I usually like to stay away from drama films but some of them are really exceptional and hard to over look. One of them is this movie. There are lots of positivity and negativity that a viewer can get to witness in the movie and moreover there are certain aspects which really makes you understand that how life treats you and how much you can go if you really have the will power and strength within yourself.

Being in poverty and living a poor life Munez never really thought that he would once become the sensation of world football club. The story really revolves around many situations. How Munez really struggles in his life from the very beginning. His family never really dreams high, like many traditional families and as it is said that many families, they have accepted the reality and they are living the life that they were meant to. Those families have stopped dreaming and just living the life for the sake of living. Coming from that sort of family Munez had to go through a very rough time in every step of his accomplishment.

Be that it may moving from Mexico to England, playing with his mates, his love life, his parent and mostly constantly fighting with himself going through all those pains and obstacles and marching forward was a very hard task to accomplish. After all these and moving to the top and at the end to say to thyself 'It is worth all the hassle and that smile is worth everything that you have worked for in the past !'


Like I stated above there are lot of positive and realistic situations which were shown in the movie and not only that while I was watching the movie I was relating a lot of fact with myself and constantly realizing that life is not that easy and it will throw us in very typical position but it is us that needs to keep up instead of loosing from it. I typically learned a lot from this movie and saying it from the depth of my heart that many of you will probably get to somehow relate some situations of this movie with your life as well. But hoping for the best to overcome those situations and make a better day ahead.

If I really have to suggest any movie that will make your time worth it and in addition to that one will be able to learn something by watching a movie then this movie "Goal! The Dream Begins " would be one of my choice. Not only you will get to learn but the entertainment and the thrill that you feel while watching those football games you will definitely feel them in this movie . A movie which is worth watching with everybody and enjoy at the same time.

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