Rising Star. A week summary. 6 months...

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Good day, Rising Star family!

Tuesday, Day 185 with Rising Star Game.


I decided to write a short summary of last week progress.

The biggest achievement is that I opened 2 band members. It is a really hard and long journey... I still don't believe that I already have 2 members.

Also, I learned about Cold pizza slice and I forgot about energy lack. At least for now... But I will tell you about it later...

The next achievement is that I reached level 85th! And I am close to the next level.


I played 3126 missions in total. And I need 875 more missions till the next achievement. And it means that I will get 4,000 starbits and a free cards pack! I really like card packs! xD

And one more thing... My ego now is around 15%!

Do you know that I host a Rising Star giveaway?


Good luck! Have a nice day!

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You gotta love Cold Pizza! I recently got one and my playing time has increased significantly.

@moonthumb, yeah it changed my world. I have 2 pizza boxes and 1 cold pizza and I always have energy. Maybe because I mainly play long missions...

Great progress! Level 85! And 2 band members! Finally, you getting lucky!

@mimismartypants, Thank you! I am super happy! :)


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