Rising Star. Day 50. Game rules

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Good day, Rising Star fans!


Rising Star game Day 50.

When I started to play that game I mainly played Illegal Busking when I had time. Also, I played 30-60 mins missions when I was busy. I started to play that game with my friend, and we were supporting each other. We were using mobile links of each other. And we were playing the missions for each other. In other words, we were playing for both accounts together. But after the game updates, my friend account was listed as a supporting account. And now she can't play the game, she can just store my cards xDD

I suggested her to write to admins, but she doesn't want. Now we play together just for my account xD Well, actually I find it a little bit unfair, as long as games rules don't prohibit playing the game with friends. But well... I playing that game just for fun.

My friend plans to play other games, not in HIVE. She found a couple of crypto games and she is investigating them now.

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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Thank you for your feedback. We were forced to introduce the one account per person rule very quickly as a lot of people were opening tens of accounts and spoiling the game for everyone else. If we had allowed this to continue then the STARTBITS price would have gone to 0.

We are always open to suggestions so if you have any ideas please post them in our Discord.

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