Rising Star. Day 78. How to get more skills!

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Good day, Rising Star fans!


Day 78 Rising Star game

I guess the topic should have been something like "Mind blowing - Part 2". Seriously, I am playing the game for more than 2 months and I still keep learning something new.

As I told many times these days I am trying to spend more time on increasing skills, because of the ego. I have enough fans. And I get pretty much fans from the vehicles. I mean the vehicle cards. And the cool thing is that I can store those cards, when I don't need som many fans and when I need to decrease my ego.

Anyways, just today I read the description which is written under each music lesson. Yeah, that is my bad habit, I often don't read all details, and I miss some important things. So, I just learned that the instruments increase the number of skills you get from each music lesson.

Before, I was wondering why some lessons give less skills...And now I know it... I was about to sell some of my instrument cards, but now I changed my mind. I plan to keep them, so for the same played music lesson I get much more skills, than before!

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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