NightCap with Nancy - Introduction to CTP

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Episode Twelve - Hello!

Hi! I am not going to go into the whole "Who am I" post again, if you want to know, look me up! Instead, I will just say, I am a delegated curator in the Music For Life tribe, an old-school Steemit blogger, and an active investor and promoter of the HIVE blockchain. For the last twelve days, I have produced a "Show" for my wife, @QueenBee1977 called "NightCap with Nancy" and I would like to introduce it to you here. We produce this show not only for the WeedCash network, but also for the new CineTV tribe, and we also cover topics for the MusicForLife tribe. Basically, we are doing a nightly show for HIVE from the Weedcash network point of view. We got our inspiration from @DaveDickeyYall and his show #TheMorningBowl and we hope we can live up to his standard! If you like our little bit of funny, please follow and support!

Thank You for Watching!


Hi, dope video. Always love to see more cannabis enthusiasts!

Thank you we appreciate that a lot!

I found HashKings today. I want to play. I'm sad I missed out on the pre-sale though. Great video, thank you for sharing and welcome to Cinetv. Looking forward to seeing more of these.

Thank you very much for watching! Yeah, #HashKings seems like it is going to be pretty cool for sure!

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