Rising Star "Christmas Eyes" - 1 x S6 Wizzy GIVEAWAY - 2nd ROUND - SORTEO 1 x S6 Wizzy - 2ª RONDA [🇬🇧EN/ES🇪🇸]

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Hello everyone

After the success of Wizzy's previous GIVEAWAY, a second round is worth doing, but this time I can only draw one.



The rules are very simple, you leave a comment saying which is your favourite INSTRUMENT card and on Sunday, December 20, at 12:00 GMT +1, I will announce the winner.

As you know, with the S6 Wizzy card we can do the special mission "Christmas Party" and get 2 exclusive instrument cards, "Jingle Bells" and "Santa's Big Organ", when we have them all we can build the song "Christmas Lights"

Here you have a couple of examples, click on the image to listen

Original Mix


Chill-Out Mix


And of course you can listen to the original song by @winkandwoo and @theturtleproject on Audius





Hola a todos

después del éxito que tuvo el anterior GIVEAWAY de Wizzy, merece la pena hacer una segunda ronda, eso sí, ésta vez solo puedo sortear uno.



Las reglas son muy sencillas, dejáis un comentario diciendo cual es vuestra carta INSTRUMENTO favorita y el domingo 20 de Diciembre, a las 12:00 GMT +1, anunciaré al ganador.

Como ya sabéis, con la carta S6 Wizzy podemos hacer la mision especial "Christmas Party" y obtener 2 cartas instrumento exclusivas, "Jingle Bells" y "Santa's Big Organ", cuando las tenemos todas podemos construir la canción "Christmas Eyes"

Aqui tenéis un par de ejemplos, haz click en la imagen para escuchar

Original Mix


Chill-Out Mix


Y por supuesto la podeis escuchar la canción original de @winkandwoo and @theturtleproject en Audius



🇪🇸 El sorteo se realiza al azar en la página RANDOM.ORG
🇬🇧 The raffle takes place at random on the RANDOM.ORG page





My favourite instrument it is E12 Harp

Cool!!! very versatile for making songs!

Hi @nupulse and thanks for this giveaway :)
My favourite instrument card is R13 Pro Studio Mic: costs little, I bought 6, and allowed me to increase the skill points I earn from the mission Basic Singing Lesson

Good point, also with this mic you will see that many characters sing a different song when using it 😜

BTW Looks like !BEER is not working since some days ago

You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

My favourite instrument is the grand piano. I always dreamed of owning one but never lived anywhere big enough and now I don't play anymore.

Yes, I love the sound, the card and the blue satin 😛 Grand Piano is like the Harp a very versatile instrument to make tracks with the game tool

My favorite Instrument is the R14 - Cowbell. I like the cow pattern and it is the only instrument i am able to play.


😂 More cowbel!!!!!!

Hi @nupulse, thanks for giveaway!

My favorite instrument card is E1!


Yes, a very nice one, did you know it sounds awesome when you use the R8 Lead Guitarist?


I never tried to combine many people and instruments, didn't know that sounds can change in this way!
R8 + E1 is fantastic 😄
I can't wait to reach higher level to create band and tracks...maybe it will be useful to have Legendaries 😅

Great!!!! Epic characters make awesome sounds also!!!

My favourite instrument is the congas!

And it is also a very beautiful card

I guess, I wish to have grand piano.

Yeah!! I love it too!!

Oh easily the S2 Drumkin from the Halloween event! :D Ba da cha!

lol, it has a scary sound also!!!

R13 Pro Studio Mic

Very cool card, most singers sing a different song when you use it in the band!

I like S2 Drumkin looks wise:

I also really like R16 MPC500. Still don't own either of them 😭

Yes, this one is very cool. MPC500 has a special drumline that allows make the tracks "slow" keeping the 120 BPM tempo, here you have an example


Thanks for sharing 😄
It does create a nice unique touch to the music.

S2 Drumkin

Drumkin is the winner in this pool, no doubt!!! 👹

You're the winner!!!! @monsterbuster please reply this message and I will send you the card!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

My favorite instrument is the hong drum. We need something out of this world.
rising star instrument.png

This one sounds awesome with any other instruments, I have known this one in the game 😅

My favorite instrument is grand piano, E7. 🎹🎼

It sounds great, if this mini-pool was a contest GP should be the winner 😀

We have a winner!!!!!! Congratulations @monsterbuster !!!!!!

You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)