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bienvenidos a este post #8

hoy seguí la estrategia de ayer y me puse a ver el mercado, no encontré una oferta tan buena como la de ayer, pero buscando y buscando, vi unas Dorris por abajo de 1500 starbits
y me puse a sacar cuentas, eran tres Dorris a 1350 starbits no se compara al oferta de ayer, igual las compre. pienso ir viendo el mercado y si veo algo interesante comentarcelos

imagen 1111.png

por lo cual mi ficha ahora se ve así:


mi nivel de ayer a hoy es

nivel ayer.png

nivel hoy.png

los números, de hoy 1533 starbits, hice varias lecciones musicales, con un precio que ronda 0.00026-0.00027 me da que gane 0,41391 hive


en el ranking subí un puesto

rank hoy.png

rank ayer.png

con esto me despido hasta mañana, espero les sea de utilidad! saludos!


welcome to this post # 8

today I followed yesterday's strategy and started to see the market, I did not find an offer as good as yesterday, but searching and searching, I saw some Dorris below 1500 starbits
and I started to take accounts, there were three Dorris at 1350 starbits does not compare to yesterday's offer, I still bought them. I plan to see the market and if I see something interesting, comment on them

imagen 1111.png

so my file now looks like this:


my level from yesterday to today is

nivel ayer.png

nivel hoy.png

the numbers, today 1533 starbits, I did several musical lessons, with a price that is around 0.00026-0.00027 gives me that I earn 0.41391 hive

in the ranking I went up one place

rank hoy.png

rank ayer.png

with this I say goodbye until tomorrow, I hope it will be useful to you! regards!

the end.png


below 1500 for a Dorris care is a really good deal.
And this is a nice card to have in your collection too. Scanning the market to see what's available at cheap rate is smart. I like the idea and should do the same.
I hope you will find even better bargain tomorrow.

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