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...this one is for SADIE


I know that you are collecting Englehard Panner rounds, this is the latest installment:

I should watch the series in detail, I could likely figure out what I have here. It is a 1982 in plastic, and on the off chance that it is the original wrapper, I am leaving it in there.

TFTV 2 panner.jpg

TFTV 1 panner rev.jpg

I bought this as an oddball single, it was not part of a set or a special trip. I was jsut seeking deals and I got it along with another odd piece:

TFTV 3 slabbed ASE.jpg

I say it's an odd piece because it makes me thing it was possibly packaged for a foreign market or put in that slab and it has a plastic case also, not shown... These types of presentation cases usually add a lot of extra cost to the price of the retail item. Of course, I usually just pay SPOT for these. I get them at places that buy from private sellers. So they sell for Spot. An old friend and his wife had a jewelry store for several years, and they would sell to me at a very good price. They paid 70-75% of Spot to walk in sellers. They bought a LOT of Silver and Gold that way. I would go in maybe once a week and buy most or all their silver. The $5 Indian Silver Certificate (won by @summertooth in a Monster Raffle!) was purchased there.

That about does it for...


More next time, I have literally thousands of pieces... a lot of it is Constitutional Silver, don't call it JUNK unless you want this guy to have a talk with you!

Undy Not Happy LOL.jpg

TERMINATOR for Steemit.jpg


I've only got a 1984 Prospector for now. My LCS has a few but he won't budge off his nosebleed price tag.
What's this tip promo @underground? With Discord ID?
Kerris L Ravenhill#8504

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idk what do U want @kerri


Definitely not junk silver @underground!!🤗 You picked these up for spot....awesome my friend!!!!

Yeah, I'd like to say I really cleaned up at my friend's jewelry store until they closed it (it stayed open until the tax advantage expired) but HE told his Wife (Jerry and Sherry) Told her to KEEP all the SILVER too, me and my big mouth, I told him about the GSR and he decided to keep it all. But he did extend to me his Dealer Pricing, spot +3%

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I think he is expecting the price to rocket my friend....

this was years ago, I'm thinking spot was just under 30?
So it was after 2011...

Here we are with the spot rising again @underground, maybe this is lift off!!

You have very nice shiny silver there. Now I don't know much about silver ... But this is what I saw when I was recently reading about silver stacking.

The 1oz Engelhard Prospectors are the most famous of the Engelhard rounds and were produced from 1982 to 1988. The Engelhard 'Large E' logo appeared on the back from 1982 to 1984,

Doesn't that sound like I know a lot? Lol, not at all. As you are even more aware of as I am. it is not that easy to start stacking gold / silver in my country. But I still loved your beautiful shiny silver coin.

Please show more ...

(against a solid dark background in front of a window, the coin will pop a lot more)

*** This photography tip was free *** 😋

thanks for the freebies 🤑

Yex I know you love freebies

Oh my!!! Beautiful first-year issue BU Engelhard The American Prospector in OMP! Congrats, my friend @underground!
Stack on and take care, 🥰🌺🤙

OMP? What does that mean 🤩 Original Mint Packaging?

I'd love to sell all my NUMIS and buy Bullion if the spreads are wide enough...
I have a lot of good collectibles I bought for spot prices, over the years. 😎

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Yes, you are right, it is Original Mint Packaging.
I believe you, my friend. It is incredible what one can accumulate in silver and gold through the years with consistent stacking.
STACK ON, my friend @underground, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

I have been very fortunate to get a lot of great deals AT SPOT, over the years. In fact, I always go in asking what they have at spot prices, no matter how much I am willing to spend. most places pay so far UNDER Spot that you can sometimes also buy under spot. Like a few hundred War Nickels...


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I only have a half a tube of war nickels. Those are too historical and cool... silver nickels!
Stack on, @underground. 🥰🌺🤙

they also carry the highest amount of Silver content vs. Face Value, meaning that 2 silver nickels had more silver than a 90% silver dime!!!
1x 90% Dime = 2.25 grams silver
2x Ag Nickels = 3.5 grams silver
The cool part is that I paid well under spot for these! The seller sold them to me at refinery prices, they hate to melt them for the meager returns. Like the 40% halves, they don't like those either! 🤔🤔🤔

Really cool!👍

Where's my silver ? 😂

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Come Git Sum


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Wow that was made right after i was born

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You are a 1981 baby??
Big B-day next year, Zach


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