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Okay, catching up 😎 just watched today's video and came back to read this post.
I like the token splitting idea, I like having 20% more tokens that will grow in their turn, but I wonder if splitting the token is the correct term to use (although I guess it's splitting the price)? As I understand it, @spinvest won't be creating more tokens, just distributing a proportion from the @spinvest account to all the current investors?
I like the back to 1 steem price as well, it feels like we are saying to new investors: you have a chance to get into this too. At the same time, I feel it is a fine reward for current investors, especially the early birds, and a really good incentive for investing. I would rather see this as an incentive than free giveaways to tempt new investors.
I've read the other comments about arbitage and potential implications of splitting - I guess @spinvest just has to make sure all those bases have been covered.