In search of STABLE RETURNS, part 2

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Part TWO is excerpts from a conversation I had with "Crafty2" who is a trusted Discord Associate of mine. Met him on the LCC discord, he's up on many things in the Cryptosphere...

Ethereum’s transaction count recently hit a 27-month high of 938,265 and was up nearly 45% from lows seen in January. As both tether and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on Ethereum have exhibited phenomenal growth, Ethereum gas usage has skyrocketed to all-time highs Another factor responsible for the increase in gas usage may be people gaming the network by paying more in gas fees in order to beat other transactions into a block to gain profit
Looking forward, the usage is likely to continue rising ahead of Ethereum’s much-anticipated switch from the proof-of-work mechanism to the proof-of-stake protocol. “Scalability on Ethereum will continue to be tested as we head into Phase 0 Eth 2.0 and beyond"
Seems all of the Eth staking is just Pre Eth 2.0 Marketing and sign ups Except for, there is one Eth staking pool but it seems rather shady and its based in China.

There is a catch to the Eth 2.0 staking that the're most likely not going to mention much about... That when you stake your Eth it's no longer main net Eth. It gets changed into a staking token and you get paid out interest in that token.

IMO a side chain token will allow more growth than keeping staking all in ETH. That way investors can see gains despite ETH sales, etc. being flat. Also avoids the day traders that are selling off what new investments are bringing in...

Eth 2.0 has been postponed but there is some groups offering staking for a fixed term rate now but there roi is only around 3% and i think once the actual fork happens the actual staking rewards will be 4.5 to 10% roi per term. is offering 5.0% apr

And a clip that Crafty sent me:


Sources:; crafty2 via discord


The magic number is 32Mo, not more, not less.

Yes Indeed... only 32 ETH will earn rewards. if one has 32.123 (or w/e) only the 32 will be staked and the .123 will just sit there, useless. I'm saving my fractions for "gas"... I hate the "gas" concept, IMO the automatic fee structures of most coins are the way to go. In fact, I would likely be still in ETH had it not used such an arcane and stupid setup.


Add slashing and the risk grow even more :P
Might just be safer just to stake on Coinbase lol