Tron buy Steemit - What does this mean to SPinvest?

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Hello and welcome to this SPinvest post
SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club for all users of the STEEM blockchain. Everyone is welcome! The concept of SPinvest is to get rich slowly by using time tested methods of earning, saving and compounding long term. We encourage long term investing on and off the STEEM blockchain. We hope someday everyone will HODL some SPI tokens that can be bought directly from @spinvest are through the steem-engine are dex.steemleo exchanges. Full details about SPinvest can be found here


Tron buys Steemit

I am sure that most people will have noticed the price of STEEM has been shooting sky-bound the past 2-3 days going from around 20 cents to the 28 cents it is now, nothing wrong with an almost 30% jump. The news officially broke today that TRON founder Justin Sun has bought Steemit and he adds it to his growing number of crypto investments. Being an under 30-year-old, crypto genius billionaire must be fun. I wonder what they paid for Steemit, if you know please share with me. STEEM's marketcap right now is almost $100 million, you think Steemit is worth even $20 million of that? We all know that Steem Monsters is the most used STEEM dapp, more than steemit and i have seen numbers of it being valued at around $5 million so im not sure.

As a Steemit community, im not sure what will happen as there is talk of a STEEM fork happening like the same way Bitcoin forked into Bitcoin Cash. The new Tron steemit token would replace the STEEM token on Steemit. STEEM would still be used by tribes, frontends, steem-engine ect. Are maybe something completely different will happen, right now i know as much about it as you do and im guessing we both know very little as its fresh hot off the press news. If STEEM was to fork and the new Steemit/TRON token is used for Steemit, would STEEM frontends not explode with growth? SteemLeo,, ufm, ctp, SteemPeak would all be used a lot more. If Steemit went down now and never went online again, how would you do stuff on the STEEM blockchain? You'd use a frontend, right? of course, you would and after a few weeks, you'd forget about Steemit. This could be a good thing for STEEM.

As for Steemit, SPinvest will always STEEM ON!!! until the STEEM is gone

What does this mean for SPinvest

At this moment i am not sure what it means but im not worried for the short term for SPinvest are STEEM but just as a precaution, i have temporarily cancelled the 100% buyback wall to stop panic selling. Any big changes to take place will be announced long in advance im sure giving us time to plan according. The news is fresh, let's let the dust settle and give it a few days weeks to see better what's going to happen. Most people are speculating a STEEM fork taking place. But how it would happen is important, would every STEEM wallet receive the forked token are would it be based on STEEM POWER held. Again, it another we'll have to wait and see.

SPinvest has around 82,000SP over its accounts and holds around 3000 STEEMP on LeoDEX exchange. If a fork is to happen and it's for STEEM POWER balances only, @spinvest will receive the forked tokens and distribute them to token holders meaning no need to panic sell your SPI tokens. SPinvest is long term and we are already on the road so no stops. We will continue with STEEM even if there is a chance to run are earn on both tokens. We are SteemPower Investments, not TronPower Investments and we have everything we need in the form of steemleo and steem-engine.


Im not hating on TRON are anything but i don't understand it and i like what i know and i know STEEM. It might work like the new forked token works like a tribe token for steemit and you earn both tokens. How the hell knows what will happen, Justin Sun is flamboyant sort of chap and its hard to say what he'll do so we're in for a fun time im sure of it. On a plus, Justin Sun is a shameless promoter and im sure STEEM will get a few more people looking into it. I actually thought that the STEEM price was being driven because of EOS's Voice blogging platform doing poor release numbers until i seen this news this morning.

Just to roundup, SPinvest will continue on for now as is. When i know something, i will post about it and gather up some feedback. We are in for a few fun weeks and i can already smell the FUD posts kicking at the door. Just know the SPI tokens are 95% ish as good as STEEM POWER right now and any airdrops are forked tokens will be distributed to token holders.


If you know something are anything about why? what Justin Lee plans to do, how much they paid for it? any small detail of truth, please let me know in the comments below.


Buy SPI tokens directly from @spinvest. Each token is currently priced at 1.00 STEEM and you can send any amount directly to @spinvest and i will issue you SPI tokens to 2 decimal places for the value of STEEM to send. All tokens bought directly will be sent to investors SE wallets within 24 hours but most likely much sooner.


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@stayoutoftherz couldn't agree more.
We have been told this is decentralised so where was the vote to decide this.
We have been told this is liquid steem where is my opportunity to sell and flip profits?
If you have trust in your investors you shouldnt deny them the opportunity to make decisions for themselves, that could benefit them and potentially benefit spi long term

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Whos gonna make the vote when something needs to be done asap? Sometimes, we don't have 7 days are even 1 day to wait for a vote to take place. SPinvest has been setup as semi-decentralized from day one, the goal is decentralized.
Why have the "club" not voted in admins are representatives to make quick votes on important things like this? SPinvest can never be decentralized with 1 person running the main account. I have written about this many times, most recently 8 days ago in the "Whats if SSUK went offline" post. I spoke about this the next day's video and even talked about how Steemsilvergold went from a centralized to decentralized steemit community as an example of how it was done.

For me, it's not a matter of trust in investors are not. Im looking at the numbers and ensuring we keep the buyback wall. If we had 10k STEEM for the buyback wall, there would be no problem. I don't want to remove the buyback wall for 24-36 hours but i dont want SPinvest to run out of STEEMP either.

You did what you did as you thought it was right for the club I can't argue with you on that as you do have the best interests of the club it's your baby and noone cares more, cool.
We need to resolve these issues whether it's decentralized or not I'm not bothered but lets get it sorted one way or another.
I understand and you do too its not liquid and never will be where we gonna raise 80k steem from to make it truly liquid whatever the number of tokens is issued. I understand and have said this on numberous occasions in the past but either get ignored and get negatively back as im against it in some way. I have been in from day dot I'm not a fan boy I just say stuff like I see it.
Only reason I was pissed on this occasion is because it was a chance for me to make some money back from the neo dele I'm losing out from daily.
Its no coincidence that since we have started curating spi-neo the price has halved and that's before this shit slide. I didnt think at the time as leo was doing good but other tribes can't handle it.
I have invested well over 1k steem in neo to delegate before this it was down near 500 so im already down massive(not your fault) but sometimes you have to think about others over your own benefits.
So either we say fuk neo lets take everything we can out of them or lets consider what we are doing and if we can adjust it in both parties interest. I like neo as a tribe and dont see this as a positive for us long term and definitely not them.

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I think it is not OK to just remove the buyback wall. Isn´t it exactly there for the reason to give people the opportunity to sell, if they want? Isn´t that one of the key selling points of SPI? To create wealth that is not locked like SP?
Who decide if a selling is still rationale or "panic selling" - you alone?
Please think about it. It is a matter of trust in SPI if one just can add or remove the buyback wall.
I trust a coin/token more if there are clear rules vs. a coin, if rules are changed just by a changing environment. Because the environment anyway can change anytime (like we saw with TRON now), but to change also the rules for the SPI token on top of that...

The rules have not been changed, the buyback wall is not in the partnership agreement and SPinvest has offered a 95% buyback from day 1. The buyback wall will be added back when things have claimed down. Im happy if club members wonna vote in 2-3 members as representatives for the rest of the club that can help me make decisions in such times so it's not me alone. Please remember that my actions are to protect all token holders holdings, im sorry you've lost some trust in SPinvest.

There has been around 1500 sold back within the past 24 hours and we have around 2800 STEEM in the SPinvest SE wallet, what happens when that's gone? There's no STEEM for a buyback wall. I think removing the buyback wall for 24-36 hours s in SPinvest's best interest.

FYI, we never seen this Tron/steemit thing coming and i acted quickly. I did what i thought was best and unfortunately, the decision for such things does fall on me alone.

Yes, especially because our value is not truly based on how many tokens there are on steem-engine

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I'm just guessing the Tron/Steem token will be called Stronm. 😉

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So little information, not sure if it's the real Justin Sun but this introduction post @justinsunsteemit is up to $112.00 plus....
Looks like a lot of butt kissing on this post.....LOL

Great - the community is giving him a bigger stake

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Yeah, seen the post.

Im still not sure if the real him are not.

It's him, I have been listening to PAL MSPwaves, for the moment everyone thinks this will be positive....

I think it's very interesting and I'm looking forward to knowing more. There's the usual reactions and drama but some more sensible voices and perspectives as well. Good to hear the immediate steps and commitments you've taken with @spinvest.

Thank you for my 1 comment of support :)