What would happen to SPinvest if silverstackeruk went offline?

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Hello and welcome to this SPinvest post
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Can SPinvest ever be truly Decentralized?


Hello everyone, today i would like to talk about the chances of SPinvest ever becoming truly decentralized. Everyone likes the idea of being part of a decentralized project but why is that? I think the main reason is that people don't like the idea of having just 1 person is small group of people controlling the fate of everyone else. Decentralization to most people means power to people.
With the power of the internet, networking and the new addition of blockchain technology, we the people have the power to make the whole world decentralized. Who's to say that voting for Presidents could not be decentralized? are even important things like stopping companies from causing deforestation, being able to pick what our kids learn/do in school, stopping fake news and everything else under the sun. Is it possible? Are would we end up with a system that replicates the centralized system we already have in place down to the fact that it would not be possible to be involved with some many different things at once. It's a deep subject but 1 thing is for sure, everything requires input to operate and innovation to progress.
When i think of decentralization, i think how can i add value?


Right now, SPinvest is somewhere in the middle but leaning towards centralized more. We have 3 sub-accounts being run by 3 different confirmed members. They run these accounts unsupervised and are adding value to SPinvest. Right now, @silverstackeruk, @jk6276, @underground and @conradsuperb are experiencing decentralization as they have input and control over the project. If SSUK went offline for 6 months for whatever reason, these 3 sub-accounts would still post, curate and generate an income for the overall project. Not everyone has the time to make an input and there's nothing wrong with that. I mean think how many people hold Bitcoin and then think about how many people mine it.

Let me tell you a short story about how the #steemsilvergold community went from centralized to decentralized.

About 3 years ago i joined Steemit. On my second day, i was introduced to the steemsilvergold community which was just starting up with only around 25 members at the time. It was founded by @hgmsilvergold and he had posted some short terms and conditions aimed toward quality content, growth and earnings for members. After about 6-7 weeks he stopped posting, answering back to comments, he went offline and did a Satoshi on us. At the time, all the remaining members were confused and thought he got bored of it but at the same time thinking, it was a dick move to just disappear without dropping a quick post to let everyone know.
As a result, i started to run the steemsilvergold membership list to fill that gap and shortly after started the SSG community discord server. Members continued to use the tag, run contests and interact with each other. In the same year, a member ran a STEEM silver coin design content that led to the production of x1500 .999 1oz STEEM silver rounds that has become a yearly tradition with the 3rd year's release be shipped out a few months back. 5 other members banded together to form a community upvoting bot and funded it through hosting MONSTER RAFFLES, 4 in total over 2 years collecting over 10,000 STEEM in token sales and giving away almost 200 oz's of silver in the process. Admins were voted in, people ran curation trails, others ran ongoing contests and it blossomed into a fully running decentralized community.

Does @silverstackeruk need to do a Satoshi for SPinvest to be fully decentralized?

In a way, yes. Let's get the juices going and ask some questions that dig deep into the scenario of

If @silverstackeruk went offline and this was my last post, what would be the fate of SPinvest?

  • The first thing to happen would be @welshstacker would get a lot of comments and DM's as he holds the private keys to @spinvest. I can tell you 100% he does not have the time to do what i do so him as my replacement would not be possible.

From here there are 2 ways to go. Number 1 is power everything down, sell everything off and pay all token holders which would basically kill SPinvest. Number 2 would be certain members step up, take the private keys from Welshy and continue on.

  • Who would take the private keys and become the new issuer of SPI tokens? @spinvest-votes is already in place to help with selection. Would it be a single person are a group of confirmed members?
  • Would that person are group also take control of the spinvest STEEM POWER balance and be required to produce an income?
  • Who would write and promote about SPinvest? Would members start to write more about SPinvest to promote it and create a buzz?
  • Which SPinvest services get the cut? Would beneficiaries continue, what about fiat to SPI token buys, discord server, maintaining the SE buyback wall are SPI token pack sales on shop.steemloe.
  • Maybe someone might just come along and automate 95% of anything that needs to be done?

Of course, there are many things that can be done when fully decentralized. In my story about steemsilvergold, when @hgmsilvergold went offline, we never for 1-second thought we would have a STEEM silver round are even a community that would grow as we'd just lost our leader but it blossomed because a few people had ideas about how they add value to the community and then did it. Around 6-8 of the almost 200 members of the SSG community hold active roles and keep the show running smoothly. Just for the record, @hgmsilvergold did return to Steemit long after #steemsilvergold was established, he's never taken an active role and just watches from the sidelines.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, i do think that for SPinvest to go fully decentralized that i, @silverstackeruk would need to go offline but before anything like that were to happen, a few things would need to be in place first. Im not going to go into detail as it could turn into another post, but key ownership, earnings and content are top of the list.

The current goal for SPinvest decentralization is for when we issue 1 million SPI tokens but maybe decentralization is required to get us there. Does SPinvest currently have the support from confirmed club members to make it truly decentralized?
There would only be 1 way to find out and on that note...



Buy SPI tokens directly from @spinvest. Each token is currently priced at 1.00 STEEM and you can send any amount directly to @spinvest and i will issue you SPI tokens to 2 decimal places for the value of STEEM to send. All tokens bought directly will be sent to investors SE wallets within 24 hours but most likely much sooner.


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All projects start with a great degree of centralization and then move towards decentralization. SPInvest is, what, 8 months old? That is not enough time to get a fully decentralized system.

As noted progress was already made and is going in that direction. The tokens are spreading out, albeit slowly. More people getting involved could help. So could supporting each of the different "leg" (Spinvest-LEO and NEO).

We are doing fine. There is a lot going on in the crypto world with very limited time. Since few (to none) are truly full time, there is only so much that can be accomplished.

My view is each project just needs to keep forging ahead. For SPInvest, that means keep the wheels turning generating a return. It is not easy with so few people but we can do it. Sometimes getting through the grinding times is the toughest.

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@taskmaster4450le you are spot on....We need to keep moving forward! I have mentioned to @silverstacker that @spinvest, @spinvest-leo and @spinvest-neo are the top notch projects on Steem!!

I agree,

I write this sort of post so that people can know what to expect in the future. I do think i will need to go offline someday to test if SPinvest can go fully decentralized are not but that day is many moons away. As your comment says and i agree, we are not there yet. Numbers of investors and club members is too small, which is not always a bad thing either.

Thank you for your feedback man :)

@taskmaster4550, Any thoughts on this here. Something that Steemleo has created - Proof of Holding


Could be an easy way to introduce an ongoing dividend payment if we ever wanted to.

@silverstackeruk MIA = @shanibeer 😱
You know we have SteemCampUK coming up and one of my ideas is about bringing along some people from the Credit Union and other community economic initiatives. I think we should organise a workshop and talk about what SPInvest is about and about centralisation vs decentralisation. Would a live video link be possible for you on a Friday afternoon? It would be on Friday 24th April.

What a very timely and reassuring post. I was literally thinking about this very questions last week.

I invested in CK tokens and with the main person there going AWOL people are uncertain as to whether or not we will get any of out Steem back at all.

In his final post, which came completely out of the blue, he said he would give us back I Steem for each token. We bought them at 3 Steem. 😢

It was a bit of a wake up call for me since I invested mostly on the basis of liking what he was doing and trusting him.

It's a similar thing with you which led me to thinking . . . I wonder what would happen if you just walked away.

Now I feel more comfortable, especially after reading the comments and knowing that there are other people who invovled who know what's going on. 😁