WIN the 1st Intrepreneur Writers Contest of the year - Sponsored by SPinvest

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Just a quick shoutout to let you fine folks know that the Intrepreneur frontend tribe is hosting a Writers contest and there are SPI tokens up for grabs to anyone that comes in top 5. SPinvest has sponsored this as it promotes excellent content based on content that Mr SP Invest finds interesting. This months Writers Contest content is based on the question

"Which investment strategy do you use when it comes to cryptocurrency?"

To see full details about this and read an excellent write about SPinvest :), please visit Intrepreneur's post by clicking here


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Just wanted to add in that @yonnathang has also recreated the contest post in Spanish:

Spanish translation of contest post.

Can't wait to read the entries this contest generates.

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Sounds good a contest, Would checkout the contest post ASAP.

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