AAAAARRRggghhhh........... gotta step back for a bit!!

in #spinvest6 months ago

We've all been here, I usually push thru and keep rolling on, but not this time. I won't entirely 'leave' but I must take a break! You MIGHT Find me on Discord...



I did get a big laugh today on my account, here's the $2.5 Million Dollar Screenshot 🤣


Yes I did try to cash it out, flash spike or w/e but it did not work.

I'm taking some time off, I have elderly parents who are both in poor health and they BOTH need me a lot. At least I am not working, drawing the unemployment plus the bonus bucks helps a lot, and seeking new work.




At least you still have friends ...

They always say money is not the key to happiness anyway.

Anyway. Take care and see you around.


FRIENDS > monie$
💝💞💕 > 🤑💲💰💸

Besides, the money has been flying away lately!


Yup going hard these days. I don't care about flying money tho... not your friend for the money

Yes indeed, good friendships exist in spite of funding levels


What matters to me is trust, honesty, loyalty, personality, fun... And a lot of things more. But money is not on that list. I would give the last money I had to a good friend if needed.

I was about to say holy shit share some of that interest!

I enjoy I will have to see if I’m worth millions over there!

Some really nice Ethereum you got, how much do you earn by staking it to get returns?

oh, about $2.4 million 🤩

3.5% for "flexible" (take it out any time)
4.5% for 1 Month term...
5.5% for 3 month term...
@cmplxty it's a great rate compared to Banks,
and I have my 32 once ETH 2.0 fires up. More
actually, but I have 32 in a 3 month note and
several more in flexible. I'm getting .44 ETH
in a 3 month period just from that. 💪😎👍