My First Bought Booster: Splinterlands, A Blast From The Past!

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Many moons ago I ventured to a site that is now named Splinterlands.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands (also known as Steemmonsters) is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. You can start playing or investing in Splinterlands today by clicking here.

At that time I had no clue how involved I would get in this game. After-all I'm a gambler at heart in which most my gaming consisted of gambling via games like Poker and BlackJack. The chances of me liking a card game with mystic creatures battling each other is highly unlikely. I had never played any other card trading game such as Pokemon or Digimon so the chances of me enjoying this was slim right, RIGHT?

Well I never of could been more wrong. Here I am..... What most crypto blockchain game players would call a normie, playing a card game with mystic creatures in it and enjoying every minute of it. The best part for me isn't the game itself (as awesome as the game is), for me its watching the game grow from its infancy stages that has me most intrigued.

Today I will share the moment with you that made me the Monster Maniac I am today. As you likely have noticed, I shared a screenshot of a Alpha Booster pack opening. That's just not some random screenshot, what you're seeing is the very first Booster that I had bought. That's right, I flipped a Gold Foil Legendary Dragon in my first ever paid for booster. Not only did I flip it in my first ever paid for booster it was under the first freaking card, UNBELIEVABLE.

At the time of me opening that pack I had no clue how rare that card was. At first I thought my computer froze with the odd noise and momentarily freeze the card had before flipping but it eventually did its thing and flipped over and then turned gold. "Cool a gold one", I thought to myself.

I later did a little digging and found out how lucky I was to hit that in my first paid for pack. At the time of me flipping that GFL Gold Dragon there was only 21 in existence and the price range on the market to purchase just one was $1190 - $1337 ...... And that was the moment I became a Monster Maniac and have purchased many more Booster packs since.

I have held onto that card for dear life and have said on multiple occasions that someone would have to pry it from my virtual cold dead hands before I would part with it.

To Read My Original Topic Detailing My Opening Click Here

Splinterlands Total Market Cap Report:


With roughly only a week and half left of 2019 my prediction that Splinterlands hits a $5 Million dollar market cap before 2020 is starting to look like a tall order to fill. If we were to go by Peakmonsters market cap Splinterlands would have already exceeded my predicted amount as it displays $ 5,291,956.66 as the highest market cap amount.

PeakMonsters Market Cap Numbers

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I love your Splinterlands story! I always tell people about it! Such a lucky pack for your first one! An upvote is on the way!

Thanks for stopping by @clove71.

Must have been so exciting!! :0)

Earlier this week I wondered why I did not have any alphas, except for the ones in my level 1 deck. I was in the game early enough. When I listed a level 2 LOD with only 2BCX on the market it struck me: I had converted my entire alpha collection to Beta at one point. What a stupid move that was, hahaha

I suspect many did that.

I remember the great DEC burn and conversions when Alpha->Beta conversion was introduced.


Funny. Last night I put 0.03 BTC into , played two hours of Blackjack, one 0.01 BTC, withdraw it back to Coinbase, and then used Blocktrades to sell BTC for Steem and buy a 20 (+1) batch of Orbs cards, with a nice sum of DEC left over for potions. Of course, I don't want to make a habit of this, but the bottom line is that the value of Splinterlands cards is MUCH more in the long-term than traditional gambling. I got four gold cards in those 21 packs, and that is PERMANENT DEC earning power, as opposed to playing blackjack...

Nice congrats on hitting those gold cards and not losing at black jack.. That's a healthy attitude to have about gambling. I (use) to gamble everyday and there's certainly been times that I earned more than my full Splinterlands collection in a few mere hours but I wouldn't recommend the way I gamble to anyone lol.

I do need to hit the tables again soon as my fiat is getting low. Splinterlands to the MOON :)

You hit jackpot from the very get go. Congrats on the success and hope it continues. Now if only I do not go waste my winnings then I'll be something....

Yeah, it was lucky to hit that card. I'm still waiting to hit my second GFL.


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Your luck is amazing! Congrats.

It was certainly lucky.


Share the first battle you win with it. :)

That would be difficult to find :)

I was browsing my old topics and came across the screen shot provided which prompted this current topic. Hopefully one day the GFL will be worth into the thousands again.

Oh ok. Yeah, hopefully the value goes up. I'm new to the game only been playing 6 weeks. So none of my cards are worth much. I will get there one day.

Nice, there's no better time to join than the present. Joining at the moment still makes you an early adapter imo. I see you're off to a great start with your collection. I have a feeling the reward cards we attain today for free will one day be some of the more valuable cards if this game reaches mass adaption.

True, only time will tell. I been trying to get as many reward cards as I can. Using the DEC to buy quest potions almost everyday. Hopefully I can max out some of the cards and rent them out.

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