sports with a downward trend times to invest

in #sportstallk4 months ago (edited)

Greetings friends, after having come to cost 0.00006 $ sports goes back down to 0.00002.



My question is why is this? According to what I appreciate in the gracica there was an overselling when it reached the highest price and right now its price is based on the purchase and sale since the token has not been promoted and it does not have any plan to improve only while waiting for Investors who can use the token, in my opinion it is time to buy or wait for it to go down more and make a good investment and bet and get more profits and we as holders of the token not to give them away is to wait for it to rise in value is not just to win It is knowing how to win, do not despair, it is everyone's task so that this can advance.



yeah @oswvin01 sport was down and when it down is the best time to invest I have buy some more sports and I'm teaching close to my goal of 300K MEAN three Hundred thousand

man it has started to goo up again

yeah I see that too

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