Investing to Win in Splinterlands, Shopping For Cards - was not what I expected, but we will keep trying.

in hive-167922 •  6 months ago 

I decided to Invest in an UNTAMED package here in Splinterlands, to see if I was lucky, in addition to being prepared for what comes with the expansion.


Sin tít.jpg

I entered my pack of 5 cards in the mana to discover what surprises came inside waiting for a good letter.

Sin tít7.jpg

Sin tít77.jpg

And the moment arrived, in the end I had many expectations but they were not fully met, although I hope they are better at higher levels since I still have a lot left in this game in which I haven't even been a month.

Sin tít774.jpg

But I hope to get a good position for Futuro and that everyone knows me as an excellent player....



Until a Next Post...



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