My Plan to Join SPUDX on February 1st, 2020

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Inspired by the S.P.U.D. (Steem Power Up Day) initiative from @streetstyle

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Image by skeeze from Pixabay

On a side note, my daughter and I love potato dishes. This post, however, has nothing to do with that. Instead, I've created this post to qualify for the upcoming #SPUDX initiative contest happening about a week from now.

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A quick look at the requirements, I do know that I can still qualify for the prizes at stake.

A reputation score below 69 --> check

More than 250SP prior to SPUDX but less than 8K SP --> check

At least 1 Steem post about SPUDX --> check (after I publish this post)

All that is left is the Power Up Day on February 1st, 2020. This will be my second time to join.

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I didn't win last month, but I did manage to land on the sixth place. Yey! For me, that's quite an achievement already. I'm just happy to keep growing on Steem since I joined the site back in August last year.

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My first quarter goal for the year is to keep powering up. Then long-term goals will need to be drafted. For the meantime, I will focus on monthly goals.

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Great post @iamraincrystal and thank you for supporting #spud and taking part in #spudx ..... my fav. by the way is mashed potatoes. I never knew, but mom always added a little milk to them.

I love mashed potatoes too. ^_^

I look forward to seeing some yummy dishes from you come 1 feb

LOL! Wait, that's a Saturday.. a weekend.. hmm maybe I will be posting more yummy dishes. ^_^

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Ah ah! Nice. I never participated on these things, I just power up everyday instead of saving it for these events. 🤭

SPUDX is a good plan.
I like these foods.

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