Next Month I Will Not Miss SPUD!

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I have just seen that on November the 1st it will be #SPUD7 and I'm really ashamed that I didn't participate in the previous 6 times. Usually, I'm doing my powerups without any specific preparations, but this time I will try to not missed it. I have even asked my good friend @gadrian in the comments of his post to set-up his reminder to remind me also when the day comes.

If you didn't know #SPUD is shortened for Steem Power Up Day. Firstly, it was planned to be held once a year, but a lot of people made an interest to make it more often, so now it is organized every 1st of the month.


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For the next month (as a matter of fact, next week), it is organized by @streetstyle and it has some really nice rewards reserved for the participants. You will be rewarded for powering up your STEEM if you win (or be in the Top6+) with nice rewards.

So, what are you waiting for? Accumulate that STEEM and power it up on November 1 and participate in the event! But, read carefully the rules to find if you are eligible for the contest.

You can check the RULES and REWARDS of SPUD7 in the official article.

And when we are talking about powering up, just to brag a little bit... I've powered up today my #CTP curation account to 16K tokens! 20K CTP staked tokens, here I come soon!


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Good luck! Wow 16K staked CTP. I'm like only a quarter of that at the moment. LOL ^_^

!giphy amazing

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Thanks, I will need the luck as this round of #SPUD will be very popular!
And about staked CTP... If you stake it every day, you will get there, too... :)

Slow and steady wins the race! 🙂🙂

Nice! More power to SPUD! :)

You are huge on CTP! Congrats for staying consistent and focused!

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More power to all of us! Wish you luck!

Wish you luck!

I'm not in for the potential prize, if by any chance I will win anything, I'll give it up to the person next in line.

Good luck on SPUD @ph1102, and really great amount of CTP you have staked, keep it up and stay awesome.

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Thanks... I will need good luck as I have a feeling that it will be a lot of participants, which is great!

Have a great weekend, Mr. Awesome!

Thanks @ph1102, and good luck in the contest, as well as an awesome weekend.

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