Perfect Day To Start A Week - Win and Win!

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I know that today was a day of School of Steem, but I have some other important news to share with you guys and girls! I've received today two great things, one great news, and another great thing :) And I will convert this into big Thank you post!

Firstly, it's not a secret that I'm a big fan of #CTP Tribe and CTPTalk platform and I'm really trying to attend most of the webinars that @jongolson organize during the week. The only problem is my time zone, as here in Europe, the webinars are at 2:00 AM and it's a problem be functional the next day :)

Anyways, sometimes I do participate (if not, I'm watching a recording) and there is a small surprise at the end of the webinars... Jon and Blain usually organize some kind of a giveaway which I have won about a week ago! And yes, webinars are FREE, so, there is no reason to not attend!

Long story short, I have received my reward today! A CTP branded mug! Take a look at this beauty... :)



So, thanks again @jongolson for the mug! It will keep me warm in the upcoming winter and I feel even more as a part of the big CTP family!

The second great news is that I have won second place in this month's #SPUD event! Actually, it was #SPUD7 this November 1 and I'm very happy with my result and with my PowerUp! I know that we should powerup whenever we want (as I did always... this was my FIRST SPUD), but participation in this kind of event shows a good example to others to follow our steps. To support our favorite coin and community!

I would like to thank again to @streetstyle for the great job that he did in the organization of the event, finding awesome sponsors and publish all the news about it. Also, a big thanks to the sponsors and every participant as we all have done a great job promoting PoweringUp with our blog posts before and after the event!

You can find detailed results from the #SPUD7 at the official and final page. Also, you can find there some interesting stats about powering up and downs around the SPUD and its impact.


.:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:. .:.

Don't forget to follow, resteem and browse my steempage to stay connected with all the great stuff!

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Awesome mug and congrats, Professor. Even if I have no idea what SPUD is

Thanks, Craig! SPUD means Steem Power Up Day... It was organized by @streetstyle and it is an event that takes place every 1st of the month... If you win the competition you can get some nice rewards... ;)
This was the post BEFORE the start

Check it out.. ;)

That's a great mug Zoltan, now you can stay awake half the night with Jon's strong coffee, congrats to your win and to your second place in Spud, stay awesome.

hahahaha... Facts, Erik! If I fill the mug with coffee I will not sleep for days... :)


Man. lol the fact that mail gets to europe faster than i can send to america is troublesome lol

glad you got it man!! thanks for all the support.

It was shipped from Netherlands, so that's the reason for fast delivery... It looks great!
Thanks again!

Great Mug @ph1102 :) congrats

Thanks! I have just tried it today drinking tea... :)

Congrats! That's way cool, both the win and the mug!

Thanks, Glen! The mug is really cool!

That mug is too pretty to drink out of, but enjoy it however you use it!

hahahaha... yes it is... Anyways, my son was watching today the mug on the dining table and said: "When will you use it? It stands here for 5 days doing nothing" looool....

It has arrived yesterday... :)

Congratulations for the mug and as far I saw for winning one of the top places in this month' SPUD! :)

You have a very nice beginning of November, but certainly deserve it!

Yup, SPUD was better than I expected... Anyways, I wanted to power up, so it was perfect timing.. :) And winning a mug was pure luck... and buying a crystal ball from @mamasez :)

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

and buying a crystal ball from @mamasez :)

Ahaaa, so you want to know STEEM price 5 years from now? :D No need, I can tell you that! It will be... higher!?

And winning a mug was pure luck...

Nope, Jon has a crystal ball too and sees that you'll do great and wants to encourage you. (unless it was a contest, not a gift...)

awww... thanks, Adrian :) But the mug was fair-play win :P

You are lucky to win two contests.

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Pleasant surprises are the best! Thanks for commenting!

My pleasure and have a good CTP week with a nice coffee. Did you make money so far with the program of CTP with affiliate links building your mailing list?

I'm pretty new in aff. marketing as I was last few years involved in crypto, mining, trading... I'm a Steemian trying to figure out aff. marketing, so, I'm still learning it...

And my engagement in CTP Talk and Steem takes a lot of my time... But, I will sort it out somehow and start more seriously aff. part of my journey...

What an awesome way to start the week uh? last week was me now it's your turn! You deserve it! Thank you for supporting our big family :)

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

Yes, it's an awesome way to start a week! Thank you for your kind words, Eliana!

Good news and good gifts are always great to start the week. Or anytime.


Thanks, Chris! Yes, they are!

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