SPUD X | Steem Power Up Day -- February 1st, 2020


SPUD X - TAKING STEEM TO NEW HEIGHTS - FEB. 1, 2020 [steem] [blockchain] [community] by @streetstyle

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#SPUDX is my second time to join Steem Power Up Day. Just like last month, this was planned as soon as a new month started. Today marks the culmination of my month-long effort once again to save my liquid STEEM for #SPUDX.

screenshot from Steem Keychain

I took a screenshot from my Steem Keychain. This was before the actual power up.

screenshot from Steem Keychain

As a newbie to the Steem blockchain, I'm happy to be participating in this community endeavor. It makes me happy to see my account grow with hard work and consistency. Today, I'm powering up 421.479 STEEM.

screenshot from Steem Keychain

There! Steem Power Up has been completed! The latest screenshot shows my newly powered SP balance. It's also worth noting that it's my 183rd day on Steem. There remains much work to be done. I'm just glad to be here.

Full Steem Ahead everyone! Good Luck to all the participants!

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me avatar created from bitmoji app from my mobile

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