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STEEM POWER UP DAY 10 (SPUD X) - Time to Level Up - Feb. 1, 2020 [steem] [blockchain] [community]

February 1, 2020. SPUDX is finally here. First thing I need to do is capture a screenshot of my account before I start my transactions. Didn't even remember to do this. I knew I'd find a way to get off to a rocky start. Confidence by now is shot. But I continue anyway.

Since I didn't start off correctly, I made a simple table to show my beginning balances on 2/1/2020:

Beginning Balance25.803549.119
Rewards Claimed+113.401+114.641
New Balance<139.204><663.760>
Power Up-139.204+139.204
Current Balance0802.964

Below are the steps and proofs for my power up.

First, I claimed all my Rewards. Here is my Steempeak screenshot showing my rewards.
Screenshot 20200201 at 2.56.16 AM.png

Once claimed, I powered up my Steem account. Capturing this step in a screenprint is important.

Screenshot 20200201 at 2.45.02 AM.png

Finally, here is a screenshot of my current balances after powering up:
Screenshot 20200201 at 3.10.12 AM.png

Whether I'll place in the top 5 percentage, I won't know yet. If I do, that will be one step closer to realizing my desire to start helping small redfish accounts. If not, then I hope to be able to participate again. During the month of February, I'll continue to enter more contests and continue learning about the Steemit platform.

Thanks for the opportunity to join in this worthwhile venture.



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

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You did goood girl! Hahaha great you entered on to next week

Hi @brittandjosie. Thanks so much for stopping by. Appreciate your kind words and support as always.
Have a great day, and take care.

Very well done with your Spud @justclickindiva, and thank you very much for participating, it helps Steem with more funds locked up, and it helps you with more voting power and increased curation rewards, as well as the people receiving the votes, it's awesome.

Made in Canva

This post is AWESOME!

Therefore it has been manually upvoted with 100% and resteemed by @thisisawesome, I manually upvote and resteem 1 post per day for the Awesome Daily Spotlight, and I also promote that post on Twitter, and it will be included as the Awesome Daily Spotlight in the Awesome Daily post of today, and it will also be featured in the Awesome Weekly Spotlight that is posted on Sundays.

The goal of this project is to "highlight Awesome Content, and growing the Steem ecosystem by rewarding it".

Thanks so much for stopping by and spotlighting my blog. I appreciate your kind words. I wanted to participate in this event. What an awesome venture for lots of steemians to power up on the same day.

Thank you very much @justclickindiva, and it's a great event indeed, keep up your awesome work.

Wow! I didn't realize this was a thing. I learn something new every time I leave my writers cave and venture into the real world. Great Job!! I would love some additional information about any and all contests available. I am a relative newbie on Steemit and would love a few suggestions about which contests I should look for from some of the seasoned members out there. All help is greatly appreciated!

Hello, nice to meat you. How did you find my post? The same way you found my post, you can find out about the contests. When steemians sponsor contests, they add the #contest in their tags so that the contests appear when you look at all the TAGS in your feed. Thenyou decide which ones to enter. Also, look at TRENDING, NEW, HOT categories.

You say you're a writer, do you participating in the daily freewriting contests?

Thank you for supporting the #spud movement @justclickindiva take care.

Greetings, friend. Good for you. I forgot to do it.

Hello. How are you @antoniarhuiz. So sorry you didn't get to participate for the February SPUDX. Remember for next month. What made me think about it was the requirement to post a blog about it before the 1st of the month.

See you on March 1st. Take care.

Ha ha ha... I think it's the same thing that paralyzes my mind.

Hello @antoniarhuiz. Are you ready for March SPUD XI? I'll see you there. Don't be late this month. Take care.

Ha,ha,ha...Thanks friend.

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