Don't Plan To Miss This One! - STEEM POWER UP DAY 10 (SPUD X) - Feb. 1, 2020

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STEEM POWER UP DAY 10 (SPUD X) - Time to Level Up - Feb. 1, 2020 [steem] [blockchain] [community]


I joined Steemit in July, 2019. I then found out about the SPUD contest a few months later. This venture seemed like a great idea having numerous Steemians power up on the same day. Since I was a beginner Redfish, I didn't qualify to enter.

As soon as I met the qualifications, I decided to read the directions again to see if I still qualified. On first glance, it looked like some rigid requirements. However, I took my time and read through them thoroughly.

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This is my first time entering this SPUD contest. I've met the requirements for the first 3 steps. Now, I'm finalizing the next-to-last step, which is to post a blog about my upcoming SPUD X. This blog today should complete that requirement.

All I have to do now is power up on February 1. Hardest thing for me to remember is taking a snapshot of my actions as I complete them. I'll have to take my time doing this, or all my preparations will have been in vain.

I feel like I'm ready to proceed on February 1. Fellow Steemians, wish me good luck powering up my Steem!



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

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Great post and great having you join us for this #spud event, helping make this #spudx the best yet! Good luck and take care @juctckickindiva

Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. Much appreciated.

you're welcome.

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Thanks so much for viewing my post and for the resteem. I appreciate the spotlight and support.