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RE: Steem at 0.10$ huh...? A blessing and a curse at the same time...

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Great post @mindtrap, yeah it's all linked to BTC in my view, and as you I also think that Steem will go down a bit more before the bottom is reached, though if Appics takes off big time it could turn around quite quickly, they are onboarding a lot these days, those are my thoughts anyways, I am here for the long run and I got no plans cashing out for the coming three years regardless of the price, keep up your great work and stay awesome.


Thanks mate.

I guess till the BTC halvening this is how it's gonna be...

That could be, though BTC does have a fundamental flaw with their scalability in my view, and before they solve that they will never go beyond these prices we saw at the tops.

And this flaw goes deeper that just how many transactions you can put in a block, having 10 minutes between blocks is unworkable for any kind of retail or online payment system, 3 to 5 secconds would work though, however I have no idea if that is doable with their network.

Stay awesome.