Promoting The Upvote Culture

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I had quite the light bulb moment last week when I was reading a brilliant post by @khaleelkazi

In it, he talks about what we need to understand when it comes to being an author or creator on Steem. One of the points he discussed was what he called 'Upvote Culture'...

Arguably one of the best aspects of the Steem blockchain is that we can 'reward' the content we like and depending on how much Steem we have staked, can be anywhere from a fraction of a penny for the author or sometimes hundreds of dollars.

It's what Steem was known for and I know this frustrates a lot of folks on the blockchain...

We don't like to talk about 'the rewards pool' as a selling point to bring people over to Steem. We want to be known for so much more, and rightfully so...

But it's there! And it's part of the DNA of Steem.

Personally....I think we should celebrate it!

And I know, it's going to dry up eventually and there is only so much to go around...Which brings up the point of downvoting. We've beaten that dead horse...

Let's just say I live in this 'naive and utopian' mindset where...

This will almost always be at 100% for me!

Sure I will downvote spam or abuse, but at the end of the day...If I don't like what you post, disagree with it or how much you are receiving in rewards...I move along.

And this brings us back to the 'Upvote Culture'!

The culture of supporting and rewarding people that are, dipping their toes into the blockchain space for the first time.

People that may have had dreams of writing a blog, mustered up the courage to do so, and took that leap of faith!

Or maybe it's a content creator that is sick of being silenced on traditional social media. And they are here to get their content seen, without any fear of being 'silenced'.

That's the beauty of the Steem blockchain...We can reward these people!

We can, as @khaleelkazi states, TIP these authors and creators to show our appreciation for their hard work. And to me, that's just down right...Awesome!

The biggest benefit is that it brings creators and regular folks to the blockchain. Who may have never dove into anything 'crypto' related but here on Steem, they can use it and earn it every single day.

This is so powerful!

Forget trying to figure out what should be considered 'quality content'...If you like it, upvote it. If you don't, find another Steemian to upvote...Believe me, we have some amazing people here on Steem!

And while the arguments rage on 'Crypto Twitter' about how blockchains need to focus on adoption and actual use cases, we're sitting here smiling :)

Don't underestimate how powerful your upvote can be! Even if it's just worth a fraction of a penny....

It shows people that they are appreciated. It shows them they are valued. And it shows them that they can have a home here, on Steem, to grow and be rewarded daily.


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disagree with it or how much you are receiving in rewards...

I will agree with you that opinion downvoting is a dick move. But... You do realize the reward pool is both a fixed and shared resource? That means the more people who "move along" when they see abject over-rewarded posts, or posts designed to milk the system, the less rewards there are for the people actually working hard who deserve them. One reason the rewards have improved for you, for me, and many of your readers is there's folks out there willing to not look the other way when it comes to exploiting the reward pool.

Yeah that's the biggest issue I have with it...Opinion downvoting. If you don't agree, just move along.

And I 100% agree with protecting the rewards pool from the spam and abuse.

Then shouldn't you be following an @steemflagrewards down vote trail?
If you really care about fighting abuse.

Yeah, the last thing I'll ever do is follow any downvote trail. I'm all about the upvote :)

Then you are not ready to adult for steem.
There is plenty of spam and abuse being downvoted.
You get the gains from that in increased reward pool size, but contribute nothing to your gain.
You are advocating that the adults carry the burden while everybody else has their heads in the sand over not wanting to take responsibility for cleaning abuse.

Icymi, bearshares got rid of downvotes and where are they?
You are trying to do that to steem!

Thanks, alot!


Keep fighting the good fight....Look at that awesome trending page now because you guys DEMANDED better content lol

And what is abuse on Steem?

Someone didn't write a Pulitzer Prize article so it's not 'good enough' for the blockchain? Let's downvote it!!!

Your data points are clearly skewed, you should join sfr's discord and get your data direct.
Then you will see clearly what is abuse, and how much there is.

If you don't want to flag abuse, then don't.
But please, stop trying to make our job harder.

Until we have enough small fish to swallow the big fish, the big fish will continue to give ~25% of the pool to ten votes on 10 posts.

If you like things better since the downvote pool was enabled, you shouldn't waste the thing that made this improvement possible, imo.

You, of course, have to do what you do.

Few things...

I prefer people, rather than data. Data is skewed as is, because it doesnt take into account human capital and effort...But alas, that's a debate for another day.

Again, I have no issue with flagging / downvoting for spam and abuse like that...My issue is, and always will be, on 'opinion downvoting'.

I don't think I'm trying to make your job harder, but I guarantee downvoting makes my job harder.....Onboarding regular people!


I love giving upvotes and having the power to decide how much I give.
So the better the content the bigger the upvote.
And on CTPtalk I can give a healthy upvote to awesome creators.
There is also a few other tribes where I now have a bit of power in my upvotes it is nice to be able to reward people for doing.
Long live the UPVOTE


Yeah man, it's awesome. And some of these amazing Steemians with the big SP, must love it....Giving away 'tips' for the content that's out there...Plus being rewarded in the process. Such a win win!

While I recognise the (equal) need for downvoting and upvoting, I’m more in the upvoting camp than the other. I think most people are like this. Perhaps it’s from the asymmetry in the Universe where matter slightly won over anti-matter 😀

The exception of corse is that legion of -10% downvote bots😂😂

ha ha ha ha ha ha good analogy.

Yeah man, nothing better than seeing a bunch of 15 Steem Power accounts downvoting me every day LOLOL

After my absence, I will still have a positive look at the upvote culture. It's a part of the DNA of this blockchain. You yourself have the possibility to give an upvote or not. Good post!

Awesome to have you back man! Appreciate the comments too!

i understand the need and purpose of the down vote.
I can agree it needs to stay for spammers & abusers.
But I choose YES voting.
Positivity & Community can be contagious.
Let make it
Upvote, upvote, upvote and share.
a powerful platform will evolve.

That is the way too look at it Jon, if you focus on the negative then negativity will focus on you, just law of attraction basically, keep promoting the upvote culture and stay awesome.

You upvote things, and support good content and community....Others will do the same :)

Exactly right, and that spreads, hopefully.

Jon, nice post. Perfectly fine to describe your view and act towards it. However, it doesn’t make it right. Please let me explain.

You have 28K SP at the moment and your current post is currently enjoying a $9.40 reward; which you graciously donated 15% to steempress and rest goes to your wallet. All nice and good.

Now all day today, yesterday and days before that I downvoted a Korean cartel with a kingpin with 1.3 M SP, earning $40 a post, (2 post a day before, now only one lately due to constant downvotes). With $40 a post, 7 post a week is $280 just to this one person. My single 100% DV is about $3, I probably spent 10 of them on him so far and his immediate family. That $30 I redistributed to this reward pool so that YOU can get $9.40, if I haven’t done that you would probably get $9.39; yes Jon that’s today.... or at payout, not in million years in future when Dinosaurs will rule the earth :)

Plus it’s not only just me, there were 4 other individuals consistently downvoted this particular individual so that his shit-post gets zero reward. So now without that your current beautiful post will be $9.20 perhaps, yeah today, or at payout. Still with me, or the math too hard for ya?

Upvote and downvote are equal and opposite actions. You mentioned if I don’t like a content I should move on. You also said “opinion downvote” is unacceptable; but there is nothing wrong with opinion upvote. Excellent, Jon!

Enjoy your $9.40 reward without some of us, it could have been $9.20.... $9.0.... $8???

What have you done for me specifically lately Jon?

Sorry that’s a rhetorical question. Have a great day, man! I am glad you are here ;)

You have 28K SP at the moment and your current post is currently enjoying a $9.40 reward; which you graciously donated 15% to steempress and rest goes to your wallet. All nice and good.

Not really....50/50 split if I recall after hardfork 21....I get....maybe 4 bucks worth of Steem and SP when all is said and done. Which I'm fine with, cause I like seeing the rewards going to the curators too. That's what makes Steem so awesome.

Still with me, or the math too hard for ya?

No, the math adds up fine.

However I would say, abusers will be there no matter what and instead of you being responsible for tackling this issue alone and using your SP for it, why not have a better system that gets rid of all their rewards from the abusers.....

If X amount of Steemians vote a post down because of abuse, the rewards are removed....Again I'm not that smart, I just use this stuff and try to get others to as well.

What have you done for me specifically lately Jon?

Glad you asked....Since I've been here...I've built to help onboard new people to Steem.

I also created @ClickTrackProfit and bring hundreds of people to Steem to help them get their feet wet with the platform. Getting everyday online businesses to use and accept Steem and train them on it as well.

We also built Fire-Pay that can integrate Steem-Engine tokens into any business online so that merchants can accept any token they wish. Beta tested it with CTP Token all weekend and it worked great, bringing it to more online merchants this year.

Oh and I talk about Steem every day to my 10k plus Twitter followers.

So not much specifically...But I'm still here building my businesses on the blockchain and encouraging others to. I hope it helps your Steem investment :)

SP=steem Jon. You have been around for a while. I know that you know 50/50 split. It is $9.40 rewards.

However I would say, abusers will be there no matter what and instead of you being responsible for tackling this issue alone and using your SP for it, why not have a better system that gets rid of all their rewards from the abusers...

Easy to ask,eh? 1. It is called decentralized governance. 2. Steem Inc have 6 people in their staff.... what do you expect? FEMA after Katrina? :)

LOL Shows how much I don't know. Appreciate the correction. Still learning, still screwing up.

LOL Nah not expecting FEMA after Katrina...

BUT...this is where I think you guys (the whales with the big SP) shouldn't have to be the ones using all your VP to protect Steem from abuse. I do think there has to be a better way...

Some way where if the majority votes a post down, the rewards are removed....I dunno. That way, it doesn't fall on you and others to use your VP to combat it.

Another thing to learn Jon. After the latest HF, the blockchain gave all of us 10 free downvote so that abuse fighting do not drain VP. However only 7% of the people is using it unfortunately. So the fight is hard, and almost certainly a loosing battle. Cheers!

I still don't believe that downvote (as it is presented on the platform) should exist... The right definition will be FLAG (as it was before) and that part should be changed...

I'm still a newbie here, but some kind of reducing rewards for flagged content, or taking a second look at them, idk...

As it is now, it SHOULD serve to keep rewards pool cleaner, but if we scratch the surface that "opinion downvoting" take a big percentage of downvotes, and that is a very BAD thing for the whole image of STEEM.

Upvoting culture is a great thing, and I hope that more and more people will notice that... I would like to have see something more "in-written" because if we expect that everyone is polite and great, that will not happen ever...

I think there should be something like this....If a post gets enough 'flags' then it's seen as abusive and hurtful for the blockchain. But because we're stake based, a single account can disagree with ANYTHING about your post, and send it off into the wastelands lol

Majority rules and all that, if there is enough 'downvotes', then a post should be looked at as abusive and hurtful....Not because one person disagrees with it.

But alas...I dont spend much time thinking about these things...I prefer the upvote culture :)

I am all in on upvotes and just got some good mentoring from @crusin. And yes, we are affiliate marketers. I don’t apologize for wanting to make a buck.

Not at all...And I do believe, if you add value, you will be rewarded.

The issue seems to be, what one person deems as value, and someone else doesn't. Which is fine..But if I dont see value, I just move on. Less stressful :)

Great!! thanks a lot for putting this out!! Still working my way nice and steady...And soon full STEEM ahead!! Success!


Forward....Never backwards

Great post I am grateful to everyone that upvotes

Posted using Partiko Android

Likewise man, I appreciate it all very much!

All I can say is I agree 100 percent.

Thank you sir, appreciate the comments!

Personally, I tend to only focus on content I find has value (to me) and then I'll upvote it. On the rare occasion I flag something, it's blatant spam or plagiarism.

On the whole... I guess I both agree and disagree with you.

I agree on the idea that we should focus on highlighting the good... and that's my strategy. My downvote status is nearly always at 100%.

On the other hand, I also feel that many of our woes can be traced back to a "collective" marketing strategy of pitching Steem-based venues as income opportunities, rather than investment opportunities or places to public content.

Why is that "bad?"

Because of the mindset of who's predominantly attracted to that mindset. If the focus is on "make money," then the quality of what people bring to the table will take a back seat to the efficacy of that content to simply generate dollars, independently of whether it's worth anything.

Can the two co-exist? Absolutely!

But we keep talking about wanting Steem (the token) to break out of its slump, but that's gonna be tough because people expecting to make money will be token sellers rather than token holders, so we end up pricing ourselves down...

Oh I completely hear you on that...And when there is 'income' potential, the abuse starts to appear.

I think alot of that got weeded out with the hardforks, resource credits and Steem price. But what happens when we hit $1 again....Vicious cycle. That's where I see a big use case for downvotes. The blatant abuse of the rewards pool.

The beauty is that there is so much content on the blockchain that you have a plethora of posts to choose from, when you find someones content you like then follow them and see what they write all the time,
I will also look for newbie posts and not only upvote them if its within a realm of what I consider non abusive and also make a comment for them as a mode of encouragement.
Ther is a culture of upvoters that do nothing but upvote and do so just to add to their value.
I would like to encourage everyone to actually make a comment, show that the post has been actually read and respond with engagement.
To me that is what true community is all about

I wanna get as much Steem Power as I can, to continue to upvote people's content and help them on their journey. I think there is so much value there when you reward people to putting their content out there. And like you said, so much to choose from!

I absolutely agree with you. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. No need for downvotes (except for real abuse like you mention).

I really don’t like how it seems the devs and witnesses have given up on Steem and wish to relegate it to a utility token where the “value” of the blockchain comes from tribe tokens and community smts. One of the biggest selling points for me was (and is) that I can EARN more Steem (and thereby influence) by doing things on chain.

I hope to see more people with the viewpoint you’ve shared here. 😀


I really don’t like how it seems the devs and witnesses have given up on Steem and wish to relegate it to a utility token where the “value” of the blockchain comes from tribe tokens and community smts.

I also dislike this, but all show that that road is imminent... As a matter of fact, I have some doubts that it was the point at the very beginning... And these "HFs changes" were only health patches until we reach the point when STEEM will become utility token...

And maybe exactly that is the main reason why there are ZERO marketing of STEEM, and that we are having fewer and fewer posts on STEEM and active users...

Oh man, don't use that dirty M word around here LOL Heaven forbid ANY marketing goes into this blockchain...

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There is HUGE value in getting people to use this stuff every day. Earning it was a hook for me most definitely, but I'm not a smart guy LOL So I had to get my hands dirty and play in the sand box....Because of that, I've become a raving fan boy for Steem and built businesses on it. I think that's huge and it all started from...Earning the stuff every day.

I agree with you its much better to upvote. In my opinion you don't even need a downvote option. There should be Upvote and if it's abusive or spam then a Report Content option or something like that. I really don't understand the option to take away from people especially when it's only for a difference of opinion.

People will say it's 'protecting' the blockchain, but take a look at the trending pages now...Top posts are all 'burning posts' hardly the value we were promised when the bots were ran out of town lol


Awesome, thank you sir!

Great Content, Great News,
Up-voted & Re-Steemed to our growing online readership.

Thank ya' kindly!

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Yeah and I dont want anyone to think I dont see the value in a downvote. I do and it can be set up to protect Steem. But downvote for the right reasons...Spam and plagiarism, not because you disagree with something.

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