What The Crypto 'Experts' Don't Understand About Steem...

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"If you aren't in the arena getting your butt kicked everyday, I'm not interested in your feedback..."

....That's a statement by Brene Brown that I read in her book 'Daring Greatly' a few years ago...

Seems like this is the case in every area of life. Critics are everywhere, and they seem to speak up when you are 'out there' in the arena, showing up daily and busting your butt for what you believe in...

I had to laugh when I woke up this morning to a message on Telegram that read something like this:

"So I was talking to _________ and he mentioned to me that Steem was a dying project!"

I get comments and questions like this all the time because ClickTrackProfit has gone all in with this blockchain. People listen to opinions of folks that have zero skin in the game and have never actually used Steem...

So...Like I always do, defended the blockchain lol

I felt that I had to show this concerned affiliate marketer, that they were victim of 'fake news' within the blockchain space...


Checking out StateOfTheDapps.com and you can see, this blockchain is far from being...Dead.

Of course, we have a vested interest in promoting and bragging about Steem. But I'd like to think we did our due diligence before we went 'all in' here...

The one thing that was so important to us was...Community. You see in affiliate marketing, community is everything. And when you surround yourself with like minded people, great things can happen.

Sure, Steem has all the technical ability in the world to be great. 3 second transactions, scalability, all the juicy tech stuff that smart people drool about...

But as an affiliate marketer and community manager, the most important factor for me bringing my members here was...Actual use case by EVERY DAY people!

What's so remarkable about this blockchain is that you can get your feet wet, learning about crypto currency by actually using it everyday...And then get supported on that journey with like minded people.

It is the perfect fit for us!

A blockchain that everyday people could use. And a community that supports each other!

Yeah, there are issues that pop up from time to time, but at the end of the day, there is no better place to 'build' on when it comes to blockchains...

And I think we can all do our part when it comes to letting the world know about Steem....

Take for example this latest 'question' posed by Binance.us - The U.S. arm of the popular crypto exchange!


I chimed in and gave them my thoughts and so did a BUNCH of amazing Steemians...Everyone from @adetorrent, @theycallmedan, @stackin , @meesterboom and others...All threw up the #STEEM tag!!!


This is what the 'experts' will never understand about this blockchain...It's powered by people...That actually USE it!

And that is why I continue to build on it, and tell the world about it every single day!


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I have been a member of Steem for 2 years now, small fry compared to some. I have only really been active within it for the past 6 months, and what garnered my enthusiasm was that it became part of a community I was laready a part of and that was Affiliate and Markeing industries .
Being a part of the community was imortant and satisfying, the fact that I coud earn a token that would possibly be able to be cashed in just for participating was also fantastic. but now, da da da daaahhh !!! I can use my tokens to participate in very real world scenarios.
What more could you want

It's pretty awesome to think what this place has and can accomplish! I still think we are SUPER early adopters here :)

TBH, STEEM has it's problems, but they are more connected to marketing and "off-chain" stuff... But, that can change very fast if some marketers come and start to work on branding, promoting...

The blockchain runs perfectly and it serves the purpose to run amazing tribes on it... And that is the most important thing!

If this place ever got it's marketing down properly, and Steemit Inc focused some efforts on it...Mooooon ;)

STEEM got me like

Ha ha ha ha Sad, this is how I dance on camera for my webinars.

Yeah, opinions are like ********, everyone's got one. ;)

Thanks for the inspiration to day man...You are right, it fired me up lol Don't pay attention to the 'haters' man....You know how it goes :)

How many people who push other crypto coins actually use them? Have they just bought a load and want to make a killing? I use Steem every day and am able to allocate many dollars in votes every week. That gets Steem to people who have worked for it. You don't have to actually buy any if you cannot or don't want to. I buy a bit to give me more influence.

How many people who push other crypto coins actually use them?

This is a HUGE point...And something the crypto experts ignore as well...When we 'shill' we're actually using the stuff...Post about that coming soon LOL

Of course we have an interest in Steem doing well, but that can be because we want others to benefit.

Exactly my thoughts in my last post.....everyday usage by everyday people....i dont see myself spending a whole day on other blockchains



My Litecoin and Bitcoin are great to look at...But unless I'm trading them in to buy Steem...I dont use them LOL

@jongolson Thank you very much for sharing this valuable information.

Appreciate you coming by, thanks for the comments!

if Steem is a dying project.. I wonder what they consider to be an alive and growing one?