Black Friday prices...

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Oh, we go again...

I've been around almost 2 years. Well, 23 months to be more precise. And ever since I received that confirmation email on the 10th of January 2018 and officially became a part of the Steem family, the price of Steem has always been going down.

There was this short breakout back in April 2018 but other than that, we are flirting with prices that only the very early adopters of 2016 and later on those who were smart enough to buy during the dip of March 2017 when Steem bottomed at 0.07$ have witnessed.

Day out...

Every single day a new bloodbath...I presume you are familiar with the "When there's blood on the streets keep buying, even if it's your own blood..." saying...

I really do want to add more Steem to my stack. I really do.

But I have a feeling that we might soon be well below the 0.10$ mark. You might think that it makes no big difference to wait till we get there..if...we get there.

You are wrong...that's like adding approximately 20% more Steem in your stake.

BTC is ready to break the 7500$ "support" line and whenever BTC is aggressively moving to one direction or the other it usually drags every other coin as well. This time...they are all heading down...

I am looking at the total market cap which is ~210 billion dollars and I am thinking that the market is still so thin and immature where a single whale, forget the Steem whales for a moment, and by whale I mean multi billionaires, and there are plenty of them out there involved and invested in crypto, could manipulate the market by himself. If not by himself...then a group of 4 - 5 people with really fat wallets can drive the prices up or down any time they want.

That was my brain speaking...

But then again I am thinking that if there is one chance, not just for me but for everyone to change their financial status for good, that can only be achieved via crypto currencies.

Unless of course you believe that with your 9 - 5 job and the 1000$(?)...2000$(?) monthly salary will make all your dreams come true. That 9 - 5 though...don't take it for granted...In most countries, even the so called First world countries people need to work overtime if not to also have a part time job...just to make a living...

And I keep wondering...if I spend 50$ now to buy...400+ Steem would that make a difference?

Probably not...said the wise man...

If I do it again next week and the week after?

Nah...don't...just don't...

Weird feeling when your brain is fighting your heart isn't it?

You see, every time I purchase more Steem it is because on my mind its price could easily climb up to 5$ and remain there. Not to trade it...not to sell it during a possible pump but to stake it.Surprised? Really? It's the 2 year bear market effect...don't worry.

I still believe that there will be a time where people will fight over a single steem token...

Can you even imagine that?

Don't...just, don't answer that question...

SPUD in a few days huh...?Hm...

Have a good one peeps.


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I want bitcoin in the mid $5k’s 😂

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I want BTC at 100$. Those machines where one can travel back and forth in time...are they out yet or what?

If you find a time machine, hit me up lol

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 last year (edited)

This post reminds me a lot of myself but from 3 years ago :)

I even wrote about it back then.

I'm now at a point where I would be happy with a reversal tomorrow and won't regret not buying more.

For me to buy more STEEM it needs to go significantly lower. Currently, it's looking like we are going in that direction but with crypto, you never really know...

I wanted to ask you something too. Would you be willing to vote for my witness @blockbrothers?

I'm now at a point where I would be happy with a reversal tomorrow and won't regret not buying more.

I wish there was way to hold the same amount of Steem you are holding mate. I really do. But it won't happen in the near future unless something changes radically in my life...

This post reminds me a lot of myself but from 3 years ago :)
I even wrote about it back then.

Ha! Same mentality...Great minds think alike :P

I wanted to ask you something too. Would you be willing to vote for my witness @blockbrothers?

Ask and thou shall receive but I got to tell you...I often remove and add new witnesses according to how active / informative / useful, are to the ecosystem. You are doing good so yeah, I will.

 last year (edited)

Never say never! :)

Yeah, I recognized a similar mindset, indeed! :)

And thanks, man! The vote is appreciated!

Rolls eyes

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What a putz

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A wiseman said "He who has atleast one whole bitcoin, can then buy alt coins at will" 🤣

Ive locked my "Old Steem" into savings, and I will buy some "New Steem" at the glorious 8cents I believe we shall also witness?! have the same bad feeling about it huh...

You know what? If I didn't buy as the price kept diving I wouldn't be holding the SP I am holding now...And what if we start going up...?

So many "ifs"...

Great read. Everything I think and feel as well. Nice to be not alone.


I have a feeling that the last hardcore Steemians who are actively participating, one way or another, they all share the same mindset so you are definitely not alone my friend!

We need businesses and investors .... the community can hold it for sure that is not something to underestimate .....that is the only reason this place still ticks ... but we also have a community whale who is selling .... so it cancel itself

New businesses, dapps bringing new users, investors ... than this place will shaine :)

Steemmonsters, appics, leo :) ... SMTs, communities ...etc ... they may bring some fresh blood!

Waiting for a hundreds more like them ... but the important is the sentiment to shift ... when it does it will compound on it self ...I will speculate we need 2 years for the real thing.

but we also have a community whale who is selling

Is there really a better way to distribute steem to more and more hands than this? They are actually doing as a favor if you ask me...

I definitely agree that businesses and investors is what we need more, and I have a feeling that SMT's will be a major boost towards that direction...

I am trying to remind myself that we are at a very early helps me keep going...

At times everything seems stagnant...I know...but it is what it is...

Rome wasn't built in a day...,right?

Agreed, and frankly Steem is still a bit expensive.

Don't get me wrong I love the project, however, I'm not sure if it is going to be a utility token or rewards. A small group of people are determining who gets rewarded and in addition it is WAY to expensive to buy for influence.

I'm stacking tribes and hoping for the best in the future.

Well, most don’t want Steem to turn into a utility token...but I have a feeling that this might not be the case...

Oh I am staking Tribes too. Kinda addicted to Leo tbh

add to that that poloniex is selling off its steem holdings of 3 million around mid december...
put that on top of the BTC dip and we are going 0.7 cents for sure

Well it seems to me that we might be there in a few hours already...Have you checked the new massacre?

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