History in the making...(?)

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Yesterday I decided to make a post and essentially celebrate my 20K SP achievement. Nothing too fancy...just that along with some random thoughts regarding Steem and our common future.

I wasn't really expecting anything...I mean, why should anyone care really? OK, I reached 20K Steem Power...so what? To my surprise, I received a ton of comments, way more than my average, both from people that I interact on daily basis but also from people who visited my blog for the first time.

Why is this important?

Because it is the ultimate example that this project, our beloved Steem, is a community driven project. And just like in real life, those very same people have emotions, virtual emotions but still. They are happy when a fellow steemian is happy...they are sad and do everything in their power to help when another member of the community has real life issues and so on...and they make sure that they express those emotions.

And I think it is remarkable.

It is amazing that the bonds we create today can be the catalyst of something great "tomorrow." Don't expect miracle or anything of the sort...we have a long way to go but eventually Steem will have the recognition it deserves. At this point I want to thank everyone who stopped by and said a few nice words. I really appreciate it that you took the time to read but also to comment.

But there was a specific comment that really caught my eye...

2019-10-20 22_59_17-20K SP achieved! What now__ — Steemit.png

I am really bullish on Steem...but you already know that. What you might not know though, is that there are many users among us with that very same belief. That one day Steem will be so valuable that it won't really matter if one bought it at 0.13 cents or at 1.3$. Just read the comment again and let that sink in for a moment...

Do you really think that the really big BTC holders like Gary Vee, care if they purchased those Bitcoins at 1$ or at 5$ or at 100$? As far as I know he is holding something like 50.000 BTC. So do the math and let me know what you think...

On the other hand, how can anyone be sure that Steem won't be the "next" BTC...How can one be sure that 5 or 8 years from now what @edicted wrote won't be our new reality? Of course anything can change in the crypto world in a few seconds let alone what can happen in a period of 8 years.

Just to be clear, I don't think that Steem will ever reach that high -USD wise- but there is a part of me that refuses to believe that this project won't succeed Big time. I mean why the hell not...As a matter of fact BTC compared to Steem is a shitcoin and nothing more...Period. Like comparing a Ferrari with a Fiat Punto....

Can you even imagine yourself being a multimillionaire just because you happened to be on Steem during its darkest times...when everyone else decided that it was of their best interest to quit blogging -a.k.a mining- and being active while you just kept chasing your dream?

Can you imagine people say "no one should possess 20K Steem?" That, "no one should be that rich...?"

We have a rare opportunity...and we also have a common goal...


I don't know if Steem will ever make it to the top, but even if it crashes down and burn at least I'll know that I was part of it.

History in the making...(?)

Have a great one peeps!



Love your positiveness

Ha! Thank you mate!

congratulations on your new milestone, wish i got some spare cash to throw on steem, but now am flat at the moment but will probably get some before some serious price action kicks in, steem is still one of the best platforms and coins out there, highly under valued and price is still low base on its transparency but i guess in time all we be settled.

Thanks. Make sure you grab those coins fast. You never know when price will start going up again

Regards esteemed friend @mindtrap.

I do believe that Steem will reach the top. I believe it because it has everything necessary to achieve it. Then it will inevitably happen.

What we should not do is sit back and wait for this to happen, on the contrary we must all act together to achieve it.
For this we must identify the things that we should do and also those that we should not.

We should not stop publishing. We shouldn't stop commenting. We should not abandon Steem.

We should foster the feeling of community. And above all to make steem known. That the masses find out that this ecosystem exists and highlight its potential.

But, as I said at the beginning, Steem will hit the top again, inevitably this will happen.

Pd: congratz for your 20K SP.

Your friend, Juan

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