How to make Steem...great again?

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About an hour ago I came back home or less 14 hours of hard work. Great isn't it? Not even sucks bad. So after I took some time to relax I turned on my PC, and started scrolling down my feed page to read all the new publications from the people I follow.

Well, that didn't take much. A few posts later and I was already in the yesterday's posts... section. What that means is the fewer people keep on trying...or still feel motivated. And NO, the price of Steem isn't the only factor. In fact I can think of a few good reasons why people are demotivated...but I am sure you also know what I am talking about...

I'll keep this post short, but to the point.

When was the last time you visited the introduceyourself tag?

Wanna hear some bad news? Till the moment of writing, there were only 16 introduceyourself posts over the past 24 hours. I repeat...ONLY 16. Well to be fair, there are actually even less than 16 because there are some tag abusers who keep using this tag for visibility...the actual number is 13. And we are talking...mass adoption...

Visibility? What visibility?

Those who use front-end to enjoy their Steem adventure are familiar with this "function" but those of you who are using a different front-end let me tell you this: If you hit the New button on the top of your screen, you will see a column on your left hand side that looks like this

This is a list of the most popular tags being used so that people who search for a specific tag (like photography) not having to search in a chaos... But there is a little secret too...You see those tags are listed from top to bottom according to how many times they have been used so far, and you can clearly see that @dtube is on top spot followed by some really good apps and Tribes. Now, the 'introduceyourself' tag used to be in the 3rd position for a long know where is it now? Buried...Even if you scroll down all the way to the bottom you ain't gonna see it. You will only find this "button" and once you hit it you'd have to search for it manually, among an endless list of tags...

  • I know that many bot owners are not happy with how things played out for their businesses...

  • On the other hand plagiarists and those who used to bid bot low effort posts mustn't be happy too...

  • I also know that this downvote obsession isn't exactly what we need to make Steem great again.

I just think that there must be a balance...Would you rather hold 100.000 SP that worth 0.13$ or 5.000 SP that worth 13$? No matter what people say 99.99999% of those who are invested in Steem are here because at some point they saw the potential this blockchain has and decided that it would be wise to invest in Steem.

If your Steem worth shit, my Steem also worth shit...and so does everyone's...

We need to give people reasons to buy and hold Steem, and I ain't talking about the existing users...but potential investors, and people who want to build their businesses on top of this chain...

We need PROMOTION. We need to fund a campaign and advertise Steem in every corner of the globe. But before that, we should adults...let aside our differences and decide how we can move forward from now on...

Maybe @pennsif could host a radio show and invite the whole community...from the biggest stake holders to the smallest account...and just talk to each other ffs...

You have stake here?----> You have a say in this talk...

I'd love to read your comments so don't hesitate to drop them below...let's start talking.

Have a great one people.


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Totally agree. We need promotion, we need people.

People to come and people to stay.

I am currently working on a Steem Outreach Program to do a bit to help.

One part of this will be the Regional Leaders - the first three of these will be announced later today.

I have thought of reviving the State of Steem Forums for a couple of one-off specials. I don't know if they would get the same level of participation as before...

the first three of these will be announced later today.

looking forward to this announcement.

I have thought of reviving the State of Steem Forums for a couple of one-off specials. I don't know if they would get the same level of participation as before...

I say go for it, and plz let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out with it

Yep, the only thing that is missed here is a promotional/marketing strategy, since the beginning

There are some internal fights too...they are not good for Steem either

I agree with you on a massive promotion and advert of steem. We are steem, if we do nothing, this platform won't improve. Thank you for this. Resteemed.✌️

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Thank you for stopping by and for the RS

Thank you for posting from the interface 🦁

I really like the last point you made. Let's come together and talk (audio) on how to move this platform forward. The world needs to know us. We need more Stephen Kendals here. If everyone is promoting steem as he is doing in the UK. Steemit will be the next Twitter😕

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Indeed. He is a one man show

Excelent post my friend!

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Thank you!

Tribes help to make niche great again!

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Some of them are on the right track

I admit I have not visit #introduceyourself for a long time. This post serves as a timely reminder

@tipu curate

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Well, it definitely looks very disappointing...

I think you are right about this sadly. Visibility is key.

99.99999% of those who are invested in Steem are here because at some point they saw the potential this blockchain has and decided that it would be wise to invest in Steem.

I still see potential and lots of it. Please continue to be awesome.

Thanks for the kind words! Looks like we have a lot of work to do...

I 100% agree that we need some kind of hyper focused grassroots/guerilla-style promotion. It's been the philosophy of those at the top to leave promotion mostly to the users and we've had some hits and misses in regard to that.

The result of everyone doing their own marketing with no guidance or support is you get lots of different messages and approaches and this can be confusing to people who don't know about the platform.

I think we need a marketing campaign that is orchestrated from the top down and urges users to participate in ways that are proven to be effective. This way we can use the Steemit user base like an army of united voices delivering similar messages.

Now that opening an account is much easier and faster a lot could be done to grow the user base.

Steem (the currency) and Steemit (the platform) are still very much intertwined so promotion of one fuels the other.

Thanks for opening this up for discussion!

Thanks for taking the time to read it. Perhaps those who happen to be followed by the "right" people should dig deeper into that and start making suggestions, if we want to see Steem perform according to its some point

Dear @mindtrap

I admire your passion to Steemit. To scroll through it after 14hours of work. Wow.

It's surely easier to find quality content (spam hardly exist comparing to old days). However indeed, there isn't that many publications being posted any more.

In my opinion Steemit as a social media platform has golden days already behind. I can only see steem being succesful if they will deliver SMTs and bring more businesses into their blockchain. Community on Steemit could be used to support growth of those projects.

Perhaps mass adoption is not necessary. Anyway we're moving away from mass adoption. Steemit is just to overcomplicated and not worth being present for regular joes. But it has more and more to offer for those who want to build community around their ideas / tokens. Perhaps that's good direction? Time will tell.

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For some reason I refuse to believe that steem is dead...

Maybe SMT’s are the game changing factor. We shall see. Thanks for stopping by Piotr