Impressions from Steemfest day 1

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For the past 30 minutes or so, I've been looking at photos and reading posts from people who attended the Steemfest in Thailand. Judging from the fact that my feed page is dead, I conclude that most of those who I interact on daily basis are having so much fun the other half of the world from where I live at.

Not many people realize how important these annual meetings are actually. It's one thing to engage with someone while sitting in front of your computer and another to actually put faces behind those avatars you see on Steem and create bonds, real life bonds.

Unfortunately for me, I didn't even know that Steem existed back in 2016 / 2017 ipso facto I missed both Steemfests 1 - 2 in Holland and in Portugal. Last year it was a good chance to travel to Poland but we were starting our own business, the coffee shop at that time so I couldn't afford extra expenses for a pleasure trip.

And while I had notified my employer from the day @roelandp announced to everyone that Steemfest 4 will be hosted in Thailand, back in March(?), that I need a week off at the beginning of November, life itself had other plans for me...A colleague had a really bad accident while driving and the past 40 days or so we are working tirelessly 7/7.

More or less the story of my life...

At least I made a few changes in the apartment with the money I had saved for the trip, also purchased a couple of thousand Steem tokens, room for complaints.

Thanks to the live streaming, I can at least be part of those discussions that take place over there. Here is the video that pretty much summarizes what happened during the first day.

I watched all of the 3 hours long video and to be honest with you all, seeing all the Steemit.Inc personnel together, explaining the current status, short term goals, long term visions and such was the injection I needed to keep being active and try even harder.

What impressed me the most though, was that @Vandeberg, the brains and the backbone of Steem blockchain was glowing. No shit...he was. He believes so much in this project that you can see it from a mile away. Every single individual from the Steemit.Inc team is convinced that SMT's and communities will be game changers.

RC's delegation will also be a massive change according to @Vandeberg and a pretty good reason why people will need to have some serious amounts of Steem vested, but at the same time because of RC delegations the burden of SP delegations from Steemit.Inc will seize to exist...

And I have a feeling that they are right. How often can anyone without the slightest knowledge of programming can create and launch their own SMT? Yeah you read right, anyone will be able to create their own token regardless of their programming and developing knowledge.

Which is kinda worryingly if you ask me...because this place will flood with thousands of new tokens. Will this be a good thing(?), time shall tell...

Really looking forward for more videos and photos from the attendees...after all, this is a great life experience, and a nice story to share with friends and family in the years to come...

Have a great one peeps.



You are right! A lot of positivity can be seen at their faces and I have also watched both of 3 hours videos and I can just say that there are some amazing people on this blockchain and we are lucky that we are here... right NOW....

True! Also Eli...seemed so calm and confident. I have a feeling that they know pretty damn well what they are doing...

Eli has been the real game changer taking over from ned. I'm sure he can program but the man knew nothing about running a business. She does and it's shown in how much change there has been this year.

It is pretty awesome to be here in Bangkok with everyone and I agree that having the Steem Inc team up on stage yesterday was very refreshing. They are a very capable team that I feel are doing some amazing things for the blockchain.

I wish I was there man. There was so much positivity on that stage...few months back everyone looked skeptical....

Make sure you have tons of fun man

I'm glad I'm on steemit

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The perfect place to be!


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