Steem is a hidden gem, but gems are being found accidentally...and we don't want that for Steem.

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I remember a few months ago, someone kept posting an image displaying the dessert and the title was something like: Welcome to Steemit... I can't really say that we are far from that...are we?

Yesterday, I visited the introduceyourself tag to see with my own eyes how many new members introduce themselves to the rest of the Steem community. So yesterday there were approximately 13 new posts. Today though, there are only 11. That doesn't necessarily mean that only 11 people have joined the Steem community, more likely that these are the people who took the time to write down a post and announce their presence.

Still, the number is really, and I mean really low.

I've been lurking in some discord channels, since it's the only way to have a conversation in real time, but mainly watched some conversations unfold, and I have to tell you that a big number of the active users are really concerned about everything that is taking place...

Whether it is some civil downvote war, or the activity on the platform, the current price of Steem or a mix of all those.

I get it, unless you've been living in a really destroyed economy where even one Steem token would make a huge difference in your real life issues, people evaluate their time and effort and energy that need to spend around here in order to be noticed and eventually grow, differently. I can't blame them for being...absent...

I am a different breed...and I'll probably be around even if we hit 5 cents.

And while there are no indications that the price of Steem might go up any time soon, quite the opposite actually, who said that you cannot grow your Steem holdings even in a downtrend? Don't expect me to tell you how...that's your job t find out but I'll give you one hint. Is it more probable for the price of Steem to go from 0.05$ --> 0.10$ or from 0.125$--> 0.25$? Food for thought and of course not a financial advise or anything of the sort. Just some random thoughts of mine.

I really don't want to see dipping below 0.10$ although it would be an ideal scenario for me since I am planning to buy some more around the 0.10$ mark. I really don't...

I can't even imagine how this place will look like if the price goes down like that. Do I need to remind you that there are almost 112.000 sbd available in the @Steem.dao account? For those that are not familiar with this account it is the one that fund projects like Steemworld and like the documentation for developers that @inertia is being working on. And the available funds will keep on growing unless there is a proposal to surpass @gtg's super wise proposal.

Isn't there any professional marketer around here? I am 100% sure that if he could make a marketing plan so that we could advertise Steem all over the Web or even on radio shows etc, the whole community would endorse that proposal.


Steem is a hidden gem, but gems are being found accidentally...and we don't want that for Steem, do we? Nor we should only expect how will BTC will perform so that it can drag us up if its price start rising. We need to take action now, and advertisement at any cost should be our top priority...

Let's talk about it in the comment section below, and if you know a professional marketer...just drop that idea or maybe even tag him to this post.

Have a great one.



I agree that brand/name awareness can do a lot of good. And bring in new people.
But lets also focus on the so-called Sleepers. The ones who already know Steem.

Still, there's so much more that has to change and dealt with (to my opinion) that, even if we manage to bring in the masses. lots of those newbies will become Sleepers as well.

Just one example: Before the HF's the person who wrote a post, upvoted the comments he got on that post. What happened. Most don't do that anymore.
Why? Because, they save their VP for (the worse even) Automated voting within the perfect timeframe. No wonder that hardly anyone still comments (except for some)

Don't want to sound negative (you know my point of view by now I think) but there's still a lot of "personal benefits first"- mentality.

Indeed there is room for improvement and tbh I fall into this category too,(not upvoting the comments) but I do reward all the comments with tribe tokens.

I prefer to vote either some people automated and many more manually where my vote have better effect on their post rather than vote for a comment while consume 3x VP just to give 2 cents

Maybe it sounds silly I don't know...the truth is that engagement is down because of that. But this is how the new HF work...imagine those who have little SP, they would vote each comment at 100% and still it would be dust

Don't want to sound negative (you know my point of view by now I think) but there's still a lot of "personal benefits first"- mentality.

Everyone's here for the vary same reason man, the only thing different is the approach..

imagine those who have little SP, they would vote each comment at 100% and still it would be dust

Exactly my point; Sleepers will wake up for a week or so, but after finding out that for them it has even become more difficult, they are gone just as fast as they came.
And discouraged by lack of engagement, upvotes, being ignored and or neglected, most newbies will become Sleepers in no time as wel.

Totally agree.

I am trying to do something with the Steem Outreach Initiative. Hopefully we will gather support from the community to grow that into something that will have a significant impact.

You have my 100% support my friend. I'll spread the word out to those that might not know

I bet somebody could get votes with marketing. I think we need to on-board developers right now and not creators.

I think that any SPS proposal on marketing campaign should have full support.
I hope that someone with time and ideas will come soon and make it real.

Looking forward for this day...

Hello, a few weeks ago I read a post from a colleague that mentioned a decrease in new users and also a smaller number of posts by existing users, that is worrying for the future of the STEEM network.

I think you are right that you need to publicize the advantages of this network and all the applications it can offer, since I do not know any platform of Blog, Video, Audio and more than directly reward you from the vote of the network users in the way they do in Steemit, Dtube and other applications.

I just have a feeling that promotion via Twitter and Facebook isn’t enough. We should do everything to attract fresh blood users/investors and promotion via paid advertisement is a good solution

Even me I post less lately...

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