Wanna know what I call progress? Exactly what the team behind Steemleo has been doing for the past 5 months.

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I remember a few months ago, when Steemleo Tribe popped up. Damn...it's been almost what, 5 months? And it really feels like yesterday. Dressed up in those fancy yellow colors, by the way Steemleo dressed in black --> night mode is sick, so I suggest you try it asap if you still haven't done so.

I was saying....? Oh...yeah...

I also remember those "kinda" strict rules regarding the Leo tribe that preluded that something completely different than what we were used to till that very moment was just starting...

The tribe for investors -- discuss investing strategies, fundamentals, philosophies and more.

Nah...not for me...

I mean my favorite subject was, and still is actually Steem but it sounded way too niche. Even for me.

"Do we really need such a closed community on Steem?"

Especially now where due to the dive in the price of Steem there aren't many people around willing to produce crypto / Fiat / stock related content?

That was back then...

So fast forward to today...

I have to admit that I was wrong...terribly wrong actually.

The progress that has been made in every aspect of the LEO tribe is phenomenal, especially for such a young project.

Have you read the latest report from the official @steem.leo account? Actually I have a better idea...

Read the report and then login to steemleo.com using your account, hit your avatar and then hit again the dashboard button.


2019-11-15 22_39_07-Dashboard — SteemLeo.png

A ton of information about your account such as your overall earnings, your account's upvote value at 100% , your blog, your feed, some really good recommended posts, RC's, your current upvote mana....

And we are just getting started...

Do I need to remind anyone that Steemleo created their own DEX where every tribe owner can list their coin for a small fee?

How about the syndication accounts?

Hm...let's see. What about all those sinks being made on a daily / weekly / monthly basis that benefits all the LEO holders?

Even small touches such as a beautiful badge that people earn when posting commenting via steemleo interface?

The fact that the team made sure to lease some serious amounts of SP and reward top notch content created through the Steemleo.com interface by the @leo.voter, in the hope of attracting authors that put effort in their articles?

How about those Daily / weekly reports who keep everyone up to date? You can thank @dalz for that! He's been doing great work.

With no disrespect to any other Tribe out there, but I think Steemleo is the epitome of rapid development, progress consistence and above all faith in what this tribe can achieve in the...not so distant future by the team.

Let me know what you think of the LEO tribe and if you are active in the comment section below.

Have a great one people.



Did a bit of checking out last week but need to dive into it some more.
Got 1.12$ worth of Leo on Steemengine. No idea what to do with that. Do I need more to post on Leo. Lot's of questions ...

1,12$ ??

Like 50 LEO tokens? You can ask me anything you want man. I curate there. You can either sell them / stake them and curate / delegate them to someone or even create investing related content and use the steemleo tag.

40,996 to be precise, according to SteemEngine.

Is/are there an older post(s) where I can find some explanation about 'how and what'?

Gonna read through it right now. Thanks mate.

Btw, Can I login on Leo with the same Posting and Active keys as of Steemit?

Of course. Exactly the same procedure

Just staked that 40,996, hahaha.

Saw I can buy Leo with SteemEngine. Have to find out more about that. Am trying but didn't manage yet.

That upvote of a minute ago was for the help, cheers.

Hahaha. So here's how the steem engine work. On the left hand side you see the price and the amount of tokens someone wants to buy and what they are willing to pay for that.

On the left the same...but for the sellers. So you either place a bid(the top bid is the highest bid) higher/lower than the top one and wait till it i filled or you can either go and match the price of one of the sellers and buy instantly.

Mate just a clarification, steemleo tag should be used only when the content of the post is somehow related to investing.

Otherwise the team will remove your LEO rewards. On the other hand if your content is somehow about investments / Steem / BTC they will reward you big time

Then there's actually no real reasong to post for me tbh, that is if you look at the character of most of my posts ...

I know the character of your posts and I love it. It's just that the tribe is a bit niche...

So whenever you feel like you need to write maybe an experience of your regarding finance or an investment you've made now / past or anything like that you are more than welcome to use the tag.

It is what it is man...it doesn't have to be a novel or 1000 words

Steemleo is great @mindtrap, I will focus a bit more on it going forward, stay awesome.

I think it is great too my friend. Thanks for stopping by


When we started CTP, I bugged the heck out of @khaleelkazi because I saw how he was running Steem Leo. I needed to pick his brain! He helped us get started and graciously gave me TONS of tips on how to set things up!

It's the best tribe out there! And I love everything they are doing. Huge asset to this blockchain and everything that's going on with Steem Engine!

Eventually when one is putting effort in their "dream" things start to roll. He has great plans for the Tribe and I have to agree that it is an asset to the blockchain.

PS. Have I mentioned before that I also admire the work you guys doing on CTP? lurking on your Telegram channel quite often and it is a matter of time before people realize the hard work you put into this project.

Thanks for the mention!

Nothing but the truth mate

I agree, no disrespect to the other tribes, but Steemleo is a very progressive and creative organization, which has continued to evolve and innovate in multiple ways.

I have staked a fair amount and post 2-3 times daily on the interface as this niche matches my current interest. I think the incentives are great, the Token value retention has been very good considering the average amount of deflation for coins and the willingness to help other Tribes is not only classy but helps set a standard of behavior on Steem Engine.

When we are all niches the success of one is the success of all as niches bring in new people, who possibly would not have joined and retain old Steemians who would have left.

I don’t expect the Token to moon any time soon, but I am very comfortable investing in the Token and continue to power up and occasionally burn Tokens using the promote page.

I believe this Tribe will achieve great things!

I love @steem.leo even though I'm not an expert in the niche. I do post often but mostly to ask advice of the community or lay out some of the things I've noticed on stemit regarding tacktics or earnings. I have around 1200 leo and look to accumulate more. I delegate there and never sell. That being said, its the only token I treat that way. Most others seem worthless to me. I do like BEER because it helps me reward the few steemians who interact with my posts.

And that's the right mentality right there!

thanks for the confidence. I always like to hear that I'm on the right track when I can't say that I understand the technicals or the reasons why. I think Leo has an a chance at breaking free of the ecosystem and attracting new users. Have a !BEER lol . That's All I know how to do lol

Hey @mindtrap, here is a little bit of BEER from @cflclosers for you. Enjoy it!

I love the niche aspect of STEEMLEO, especially as time goes by. At first, people tried to game the system and somehow mention a crypto or tribe or two to try to get onto the LEO interface, and NOPE, it didn't work.

They awesome thing I have learned is that you don't need tons of people posting to be successful, you need readers, and reading and commenting get you plenty of leo too. I have over 800 and now they are even making me a (small) passive income. But hey, at 15 cent steem, any passive income is a good income.

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But hey, at 15 cent steem, any passive income is a good income.


Hi @mindtrap

Indeed it's mindblowing to see how far SteemLeo got within less than half year.

Cheers, Piotr

The team behind it has great plans for this Tribe! This is only the beginning

Thanks for the heads up. I did not see this the last time I logged into Leo.

Thanks for the heads up. I did not see this the last time I logged into Leo.