You Know That You Should Use Twitter For STEEM Promotion?

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C'mon ph1102, you must be kidding?!? You didn't mention this $#%t in your yesterday post where you were talking about losing tokens on STEEM!

Okay, yesterday I was talking about just a few things that you SHOULD (or shouldn't forget) do on the platform to make some coins/tokens and bring some value to everyone... I didn't say that that is ALL that you have to do... Of course, there is more... If that was all, everyone would do it and be STEEM whale...

So, when you create something here on STEEM, or in any of the tribes here, you should go out and tell the world that you have created something beautiful and important to see. Your followers on STEEM will see your post in their feed, but...

Maybe, your follower has a lot of followers and he/she will miss your post? What about all your friends out there that don't have a STEEM account yet? They can't know that you are doing some great stuff here... But, if you create a tweet about it, they will know... And maybe some of their friends will also know if they re-tweet your post, etc...

To be honest, I had a Twitter account for some time (over 10 years!!!), but I have re-started using it just a few months ago... Check this post where I have made a nerdy review of my Twitter stats after my reset. So, I have activated my Twitter in the mid-September...

I wanted to create at least monthly reports about Twitter stats, but, as you can see, I forget about that.. lol... I will try to catch-up with this post these 4 months on Twitter...

I have to admit that December wasn't a really good month for me on Twitter... I can't explain why, but the number of impressions was lower than in November, I had fewer followers and mentions... I would say that I SUCKED in December... All the way... lol


Then, January, the new year, the new decade has come... New fresh energy, great community push, and good wind in my back! I've got inspired by some great people from my community, step out of my comfort zone and created more videos... Got inspired by negative people and done some good post in helping others to board on this ship... #2020Vision challenge started and I have decided to support it with 100% of my energy! These awesome gathered challenges are doing great on social networks and you can see results on the screenshot from January... And we are only in the middle of the month!


And, for the end... The last 28 days on Twitter show the real power when you push something and help to spread the word about some good cause...



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Don't forget to follow, resteem and browse my steempage to stay connected with all the great stuff!

You can find me on ClickTrackProfit .:. Twitter .:. LBRY

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thanks for the twitter update.
Makes me think that perhaps I should look into bringing my twitter account back to life. twitter & ctptalk seem like a good team.

I have done exactly the same thing as you last September... I had a Twitter account from 2009 sitting in the dark, doing nothing... and re-activated it... and you see the results by yourself.. ;)

So, give it a try... ;)

A-ha! I should promote more on Twitter. At times I forget LOL ^_^ thanks for the reminder.. have a great weekend! :)

hehehehe... I don't see your tweets, so yes you should do it :P

Thanks for your comment, Rosyel!

Every day. Every day I look forward to your post. Motivation and learning I get from them. Every day. :)

Thank you so much, Bradley! I'm really happy to see you grow and I enjoy reading your posts... Sometimes, I haven't time to respond, but I do read every... single... one...

Well done Zoltan, and very interesting information, also nice to see that things I have done show up on both, I think I will start sharing a comment with links to my tweets below each post I make, those posts seems to get better rewarded, stay awesome.

Thanks... This post wasn't write for you... As you can see from those screenshots! Thank you for your support in my journey and also for promoting STEEM!

Thanks Zoltan, yeah I know, just interesting to see the screenshots, keep up your awesome work.