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RE: Paid surveys in Steem - your opinion?

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This sounds like a really great idea @happyvoter, being able to complete surveys for rewards in Steem would as you said get smaller accounts additional ways to earn Steem, while it also further increases the demand, and might I also suggest that you create an affiliate program for it, that will incentivice people to promote it a lot more, go for it and keep up your awesome work.

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Hi @thisisawesome,
Thanks a lot for your helpful feed-back. You have a great point with the affiliate program. I think this would definitely be a must to reach more people.

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Thanks @achim03, and I also have one more suggestion, @jongolson just launched the CTP token IPN/API and that will allow for payments to be made in CTP tokens, plus integrations with Stripe and Coinpayments is also done, and they will also integrate payments in Steem soon, so talk to Jon about this, stay awesome.

Hi @achim03, @happyvoter

Did you see reply by @thisisawesome?

Does this CTP token have any website? Any place were we could learn about it?

Thanks @crypto.piotr, and yes the condenser for this tribe is located on, check it out, and the owner is @jongolson.