Hostile takeover, where do we go from here?

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So it’s come to this. The blockchain was tested and it didn’t pass the test. Seems this is just the oldest of the oldest political movements. People working for a project which will grant them freedom in some way and a perverse powerful guy comes over to shatter their dreams through force.

But… so what? This is just history repeating itself once more. It seems there is just nothing to be done. Ambition can’t be stopped unless we all decided to crush our own ambitions. Are we willing to do that? Are we ready to be 100% cooperative? Probably not, so there we are in the dilemma.

To be fair, there were plenty of big pocketed investors working towards decentralization here while they could have been satisfying economic ambitions. Though I don’t think Justin Sun is trying to line up his pockets, I’m pretty sure he has that covered. What might his motivations be? Does he work for the chinese goverment? Is he an emissary of the gods mocking us humans for believing we could eventually escape their sinister centralized design of society? Is he just a rich kid, as some say, that wants to constantly show he can buy stuff and own them? His reasons for acting will probably never be known.

Buy my shitcoin...

Steem has a lot of noble and well-intended people. I really hope it forks out into Steem Classic. I hope if that happens the same mistakes won’t be made and not one single person will be able to hold a majority of the stakes. Hopefully, there will be a limit as to what a person can hold (I would go for no more than 3% of the total distribution) and the account should go through some strict verification to avoid a person using multiple accounts to get a bigger share.

I honestly think this was a necessary event. There was a potential danger lurking and everyone knew it, yet did nothing (probably couldn’t do much either way). Now the danger has become a reality and everyone acts super surprised. If there was a hole in the system it was only a matter of time before an opportunist took the chance to exploit it. Just because most of us here want decentralization it doesn’t matter that the world supports it.

Anyway, this doesn’t really matter. Anyone who was doing things from the heart here will find the path to keep doing the same anywhere, no matter the tools available. I understand now I should be diversifying everything I do as no particular platform or place is trustable enough.

These events are just part of the illusion. Distractors from the real stuff that dwells inside. I’ll just ride the wave and if everything is just destined to be destroyed so be it. Not powering down. Not stopping the posting. I will be sending a part of my content to other social media and trying to grow in different places because it’s the healthiest thing to do.

It's tempting to just run away at these moments but come on. Aren't we going to do anything about anything? Try to give at least a little fight? Of course it's going to be hard as Justin's minions have already begin to downvote people who oppose their dictatorship.

I have faith that the community here that is driven by ideals such as decentralization, gift economy, anarchy, abundance and peace, will be able to join into an effort of sticking together, building something better and stronger than Steem ever was.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at next stage of this dream!!!


The need for control and displays of power will always end up leading us to the same point.

The Tao never ceases, what goes up must come down. Only the wise will remain undisturbed and after writing this post I have realized I want to be a bit wiser so I'm moving out of the disturbed state :)

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