Allow me to explain...

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While some have been concerned about the sketchy information about Tron's purchase of Steemit, Inc. and others were happy about it, while some began to power down and sell STEEM (not me!), buy the dip (not me either!), or do neither (me, me!), some around here continued to do what they are really good at: develop their products.

My previous post was half by error. Meaning I wanted to test something new but also wanted to give it the proper weight in the SteemHelp community, where I am an admin, by coming from my account. So I ended up posting with my main account instead of a testing account.

Now that I already did it, and since the new feature is already public in SteemPeak beta, let's talk about it. More extensively.

If you saw my previous post, you know I am talking about cross-posting inside other communities.

This new feature of Steempeak, while it looks better on the feed of Steempeak beta, it produces effects on any interface you use, because it's a regular post and a smart use of beneficiary rewards.

OK, let's pause for a few seconds.

I did say cross-posting in other communities. Did you remark that?

That was a highly requested feature for communities and is now possible... from Steempeak beta!

Now, let's get to the interesting part. No, we haven't reached there yet!

A cross-posted post has beneficiaries set. At this point they are fixed. Maybe they will be variable in the future, but I think fixed is perfect for now.

How are these beneficiaries set?

90% to the original author
5% to the owner account of the community where you cross post
the rest of 5% is received by the cross-poster.

How do these beneficiaries make a difference?

  1. First and foremost, they create a simple and effective mechanism to monetize evergreen content on Steem! Something @midlet proposed for a long time. And trust me, he's super excited about it! I'm sorry I'm writing about it first, he should have had this opportunity...
    How does this work? Well, it's simple: When you find something great and you cross-post it, it doesn't matter how old that post is, it can be a month old, two years old or since the birth of Steem, the author will receive the beneficiary rewards for your cross post. And 90% is a very good beneficiary reward for the author, who otherwise would receive nothing after 7 days.
  2. The community where the cross-posting takes place receives 5%, so it's a way to fund communities.
  3. The cross poster also receives 5%, which, depending on the rewards the article receives can be a very interesting alternative.

How to use the cross-post new feature?

I already mentioned several times this is a SteemPeak beta specific feature... for now.

However, once you use it from SteemPeak beta, it produces effects no matter what interface you regularly use or someone else uses.

The only difference is how the cross-post looks like in the interface.

In SteemPeak beta you see the thumbnail of the original post and when you open the post you see the original post, plus the note it was cross-posted by you (or whoever posted it) and a note the cross poster made.


On other interfaces, you see a simple post mentioning that you cross-posted a post (and a link to that post) and your note. Here's how it looks in


And where can you find the option to cross-post a post? From the tree-dots menu, choose Cross Post In.... You'll have one of the communities you have subscribed to as options to cross-post in, as far as I see.


If you choose the option, you go to this page, where details of the beneficiaries are explained to you, you'll be able to choose the community to cross-post in and to attach a note to it (much like what you do when you retweet with a comment on Twitter).


The guys from SteemPeak may still be working on re-positioning certain elements for this feature, but it's fully functional already. As they like to say, Steempeak beta "it's not finished".

Possible concerns

I believe soon we will have new types of communities, where more restrictions can be imposed on who can do what.

Until then, communities have to take precautions and set rules to avoid cross-post spamming. And moderate...


I don't know if I will use the feature, as I am a bit lazy nowadays and not a Steempeak user, but I truly appreciate your efforts. Your posts definitely deserve much more appreciation and it's a pity they don't get that. I hope one day you will rewarded by the community for your efforts. There are plenty of garbage posts with higher payouts than yours. Again, thumbs up for your efforts and dedication for Steem!

Thanks man! Well, I'm doing my part, hopefully it helps. From this point forward is out of my hands. :)

While all this is still an experiment and a test for steempeak.

I really hope the appeal to cross-posting isn't about the reward money. I hope it's about sharing content with a community. There can of course be abuse of this system so we hope communities stay vigilant and state their preferences.

But also what steempeak is doing is a totally decentralized method that any other interface may also do. Consider telling them you want them to include support. It's not a challenging thing to implement.

This is very true:

The only difference is how the cross-post looks like in the interface.

Also this project should be referenced as "Community Cross-Posting" that's the intended aim... Not topic/tribe cross-posting at this time.

Very well pointed out. Sharing an important topic with a community IS the "first and foremost" advantage of cross-posting.

I was however excited by the possibility to monetize older-than-7-days content, in a non-abusive way obviously.

Update: The manner I see best fit is to cross-post worthy content of other authors, not your own, and with consideration for the intended audience and its rules. Personally I'm a very light resteemer. If no other rules would apply, I would guide by similar principles when cross-posting as when resteeming.

very cool thanks for the response and clarification!

So far the Steempeak beta is not fully synchronized with the blockchain. :(

What exactly do you mean by that? By comparison to Steempeak the main site, by comparison with beta or by comparison with another interface?

Can you explain what you mean by this?

We consider ourselves fully synchronized with the blockchain however we know that some of our decentralized feature sets we have championed haven't been integrated into other interfaces. In fact several interfaces don't have support for COMMUNITIES yet

We have moved forward several features that have the data on the blockchain such as

  • Post descriptions
  • Countdown timer
  • Public Lists
  • Portfolio view

We have also done several things we've advanced other settings on communities that are stored on the blockchain and other interfaces are able to do if they want.