The CTP Update - CTP Added To Steem.Leo DEX

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We're pretty biased....

We're big fans of @Steem.Leo

So much so, that when we were setting up our token we wanted to model our set up exactly like Leo's. Why? Cause this is the perfect example of how we feel a tribe and token should be managed on Steem-Engine!

The support we got from @Khaleelkazi (Steem Leo's founder) has been nothing short of amazing so we're not only huge fans, but investors in Steem Leo as well.

So last week, when Leo announced that they were opening up their own DEX (decentralized exchange) we JUMPED at the opportunity to get listed on it...

This weekend, SteemLeo added the CTP Token to their DEX!

Steemleo DEX.png

So now you can buy, sell and trade the CTP Token on both Steem-Engine as well as the Steem Leo DEX

Pretty cool huh?

Two exchanges featuring our little tribe's token!

And this is just the beginning of the good news coming this week for the CTP Token.....

We're SUPER close to finally launching our IPN and API!

Get ready folks, the marriage is coming.....Very quickly :)


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

CTP Condenser -

CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

CTP Token on SteemLeo DEX -


Thank you for the update this is awesome

indeed. it really is :)

Awesome news... And IPN is just around the corner...
It's nice to be a whale in this tribe :)

lol Thank you sir, for all the support !

What a major accomplishment. Huge thanks to Steem Leo for giving CTP Token to thrive even more. And you're right - this is just the start to a beautiful relationship!! :)

Pretty excited about it all!!!

Absolutely! It got more fired up!!

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So excited :)

Yessir, this is going to be great!

What a great leap this tribe is taking, these new projects will push to the top

Appreciated, only way to grow is up!

Congratulations on getting CTP Token on SteemLeo. You and our team have brought CTP a long way since relaunch. The tribe's awareness will undoubtedly increase due to this added exposure.

Thanks Chris. We're working hard everyday, but still so much to do.

Thank you Jon, Blain, and all the others for getting this project done. As Zoltan said, IPN soon as well. Time to get excited, very excited.

ClickTrackProfit has come a long way in just 2 years. That's life, sometimes it takes a jolt in the system like the loss of Paypal, to get oneself motivated to take meaningful action.

With all these improvements, does that mean that I will CTP more? You bet!

Who needs PayPal when you have CTP Token ;)

wishful thinking lol

Wishful Jon? No way, make it so!

“Seize the time... Live now! Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again.”
― Jean-Luc Picard

This is really great and excting news, it all happens very fast now, keep up the good work and stay awesome.

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thanks for updated ! :) @clicktrackprofit 💙

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