Purchase order has been set, 37 STEEM for 285 LEO!

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Some people might think that it isn't big deal, 37 Steem isn't big amount and and they may be right up to a point. For many people 37 Steem isn't big amount but for some people is, many people around the world working daily to get a dollar, you can imagine the help they got from platforms like steemit and how important can be a single Steem.
I don't belong to that category, I leave in a Country that life is pretty much ok (with difficulties but ok) i have a job with good earnings (considering always Greece economic situation) and a normal life. Still, i have spent time and effort to got that Steem and for me is something important (and not only for what they worth), having that in mind, before some weeks i exchanged some of my steem for LEO tokens because i believe that here i can express my thoughts and my doings better than steemit.

Today i placed a new purchase order for 285 LEO intending to increase more my LEO stake and also to support SteeLeo platform, i wanted to buy more but i'm still a minnow on steemit and that was the better i can do right now. It's not my first LEO purchase and also not the last because i'm planning to increase even more my stake here using my hard earned Steem!

You can see here that the majority of my tokens purchased through SE


Thanks for stopping by, till the next time have fun!!


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