A secret trick for a INSTANT Powerdown with ONLY a 0,01% fee

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Seems that the next fork of the chain is approaching and steemit devs are asking the community if we should be implementing a 4 week powerdown.


Since 13 it's a arbitrary number, change it to 4 doesn't require much coding in terms of time & effort.

Then it comes the debate. We have supporters of a % burning fee (from 5-20% or more). We have others who say that the change is unnecessary. We have... well. A myriad of different opinions and that's fine.

My stand is a humble 'OK' to the reduction. But a flatant NO to the 'instant' option as it increases the risks of fatal hacks into our accounts. (yep, I agree with the fact of 'protecting from ourselves', even taking good care of our keys).

Ok, I'm desvirtuating the motive of the post.

The fact is that I know a SECRET method of powering down. (I kind of agree that's a bit of misleading advertising but...)


SPI tokens!

Yep, you hear it right. Steem Power Investment tokens!

That are, in short; Steem Engine tokens backed by 1SP EACH ONE of them.

They're being hold by @spinvest and they use the native Steem inflation to generate value and to spread it across SPI holders (like a dividend token). All of this value comes from leasing, curating, native inflation, tribe tokens, outside investments... exactly the same things that give value to your own STEEM POWER.

If you want to sell your tokens. You're 100% guaranteed that you'll get back at least 95% of your investment in STEEM (hey, we have the 5% burn built inside hehe). (Soon will be 99,99% btw)


The only downside is that (for now) @spinvest is centralized. And for that reason we 'need to' trust (IF we invest in SPI, which obviously isn't mandatory). It's like a Steem investors club and until now has proven to be a enriching experience.

I suggest you to take a deeper look.


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