My status & Some tips to start playing Holybread with the right feet

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I've started playing yesterday and I'm enjoying it quite a lot.

It's one of those 'user friendly' games that it's almost impossible to not feel comfortable trying it. Just open a secon tab, start doing quests and arena fights... and start collecting some gold and breadcrumbs!

My little witch is growing nicely in stats:

hero page.png

And I've scalated quickly some ranks in 24h:


I'm not a pro player at all, but I noticed some things (and made a couple mistakes completely avoidable) that can help you to increase faster in ranks (and breadcrumbs!) without any extra effort included.

I also should say that I'm playing this game in a complete 'freemium' mode. Mad ethe mistake to 'invest' into drugwars in the past and don't want to face a similar disaster. If you invest steem into heroes or items, DYOR and take care. Use common sense please.

1)Always use your energy

This is pretty obvious. You have 100(+50) energy regenerating at a rhythm of 10/hour. Don't be a fool and spend it while you can.

2) Use your energy. Intelligently.

Not that obvious. You have 3 type of quests (5,10 & 15 min).


Ok, TOOK ME A WHILE (dumbass of me) to notice that the 15' ones are not always the best. Let me explain:

Quests give you always 3 things. Gold, experience and some breadcrumbs. At first stages it's better to prioritize gold (because you'll be gaining breadcrumbs with the arena anyways and the experience it's better with a non-common hero).

3) Experience is better with better heroes

Your 'default' hero is a 'common' one. That itself isn't a bad thing, but heroes in Holybread are 'like' Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFT's) and that means that every one is unique in the sense that they have special stats:

special heroes.png

See the snippet under every name? yap. That's their special attribute.

They're also better to spend our hard-earned gold in the form of better stats:


Yep, I made the mistake of wasting 1K of gold into my ugly 'default' witch.
AT least she's going to help me to secure a nice pool position in the rankings to earn more breadcrumbs while I wait for better heroes & items. So not bad at all!

Knowing that, you'll prefer long term to train better (rare/epic/legenday) heroes instead of common ones.

4) Last but not least; ENJOY

We're witnesses of a new paradigm in gaming.

Ok, it's still a bit rude. But what would you had thought If I told you 10 years ago that today you'll be able to buy/sell items INGAME to other player for real money (for free!)? You'll be laughing at me!

So, setting aside gaming expectations, enjoy the game and (share with the community some game-hacks pls).

PROTIP: register with my reflink and post a #posh in the comments and you'll get a 100% upvote from me.

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I started playing right now!
Let's see how it works! See you in the arena!

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Nice tips... One question... I force quests that have more XP inside... What opinion do you have about that? XP or gold?

Depends on the hero I guess.

If it's a rare/epic hero (or legendary!) I would try to search for a balance between the experience & the gold, if it's the default hero, I would always go for the gold.

Good luck!

Very cool. Ive just started playing the game a couple days ago and I had been uping my normie "common" hero, as you say at least it gives me a better rank in the Arena and therefore more breadcrumbs.

But what do breadcrumbs do exactly? Thanks.