My 💳Card is on it's WAY🎆

in steemleo •  5 months ago  (edited)

Holly 😱crap, when I saw it "Issued"...

Is the card finally getting on its way? really? Can't believe it! Sounds like a dream!

I mean, I will only believe when I have the card in my hands... but yes... I will do a full unwrap of it. Detail by detail...

What 💳card?

Sorry... for a moment I got super enthusiastic...

I am talking about

Recently I have made a post about some of the "news" about it (here) and wrote in such a way that I thought doubtfully the card was coming to New Zealand this soon.

But now, I think it's becoming a reality.

From some of my referrals, of many close friends, I have got confirmation that they also are receiving their cards. So, people from #NZ here you go, you can now order a crypto card!

If you are from the US, Singapore or New Zealand and subscribe to using my referral, you get 50 USD, plus, you can get the card right away! I am assuming that issued means, will come in a few days... OK?

It says "Issued" 🎁

So, now it should be a matter of days, right? Hopefully before Christmas.

This was one of those ICO's where I had more up and downs that I can't really describe the feelings about it.

Having all these realizations after, 2 years? Just makes it all emotional. Fortunately, I am not betting anymore.

I have also gathered that for my friends the address verification was way faster than mine. So, I can definitely say that depending on the documents you provide, it makes things different.

Surprisingly not surprising, all my friends got emails and requests to do the same things as me, all at the same time. Which in some sense tells me that automation is already in place for these processes. Which is great! Tells much about the maturity of the businesses.

Who's going to lose in my case?

If all goes to plan, the only "effective" crypto card I have currently (TenX) is going to probably not be used once this one arrives. Assuming it works to its standards.

Does this mean other card issuers are about to drop in New Zealand?

I did think about that and did some research about it over the law. But found nothing.

My best guess is that VISA is facilitating within the country regulations of New Zealand, cryptocurrency. Which is not surprising given the fact that I know already many other technologies are singing to the government's ears.

Other possible card Issuers

Soon, probably Revolute. Crypterium was already shipping but they have changed bank providers, so now there's that processing pipeline to overcome before they are ready on the field again.

I am actively seeking for different Financial features of companies businesses over blockchain technology. Being those centralized or not. True that I will fuss more about the ones that take decentralization more seriously, but that does not mean I don't get interested in the creativity of other companies.

These are in fact the "new" bank facilitators using crypto. So, in some way, they are helping the banking industry and the financial markets to convert into crypto technologies.

I would like to ear more about who does think this is the way for crypto...

I am not saying I love it... but probably its the only peaceful way to dominate the sarcastic inefficient currently outdated and unsustainable, financial systems.

May the money be with you! 😍

Update (2019-11-14)

My card shipped!!!

And I have just found out that is launching in APAC!!!



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This will be cool. Do you know if this works in the US? Hope so. So with this card you can spend your crypto?

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Hi @kanedizzle08.

Yes works in the US and Singapore at the moment. Recently also started expanding in APAC... And yes, you can load you card with crypto and spend it like a normal VISA card. Apart from the card option, there are a lot of other features within this app that are really interesting.

You can even ask for a loan! Using crypto as collateral. Let me know if you have more questions.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work in korea yet :(

I have seen people on twitter saying their card was arriving... you are sure? APAC should include Korea. Have you staked? I think the staked cards are a priority in the queue...

nope, before to stake i talked to their customer service and they said, that dont work with korea yet :(

When was that? Because in APAC things started ver recently...

Oh! Thanks! I will tey to apply for the card again!

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You lucky guy. I will only receive mine in June of next year.

As far as I just heard today on a announcement... Europe will get it in January/February.

Yep, I know, but I will only lock up my MCO in the beginning of December.

Hum... unless you are actively trading it... I am not sure why you are doing it. You should have your reasons... Hopefully you aiming for 4% or 5% cash back level LOLOLOL

I had mine locked up long ago... and long ago is free for withdrawal... so no stakes at this moment. And plus, it gives interest... being staked. So, there is basicaly no reason to hold MCO not staked at this point.

Unless you are trading everyday.

I have completed the 50 MCO lockup... but I'm interested in the 500 MCO card. It took me a while to get there and most of them are still locked in a 3 month deposit until early December.

Eu estou interessado no de 5000 MCO! Mas não tenho crypto que chegue pra isso agora...

Por isso estou a pensar fazer uns investimentos no próximo ano. Para fazer upgrade para o de 5000 MCO! =) e depois vai ser só viajar!

5000 MCO já é exagero para mim. Isso é mais do que ganho num ano. 😂 😂 😂

We soon see... I hope soon also all market up so I can take one also soon 👌😋💳

You can register anytime (even with the referral) and you can order the free card. YOu don't need to stake now. You can stake later and still be eligible to get the 50 USD later.

Soon we see 😊

I want to issue one card.hope will caught it

Supposedly APAC includes Bangladesh, so in theory you should be able to request the card too.

Ok thanks for information

Oh you ended up getting the TenX one? Did you ever get to use that one? Last I checked it looked like their project dropped off the face of the earth 🤣🙈

No way... I have been using it for almost a year already! They are not dead... at all. Might not be the latest tech out there... but they surely working as expected. Zero complains so far.

It might have slowed down with Julian getting out... but did not die. Sometimes these things shake a lot the company... either that or they are preparing a very big surprise. Not sure.


Oh cool I’m really glad to hear that. More healthy crypto debit card companies, the better! I think they are a good benchmark for the overall health of the industry. Used to just be BitPay and that one is for sure the worst of them all 🤣

Any idea of TenX plans on launching in the USA? Or just Asia and Europe?

Nop... they have been silent over roadmaps...

From their website:

TenX services are available to eligible customers within Asia Pacific. Register your interest in the TenX app to be notified when your region is supported.

Damn 😞

These are their "Upcoming milestones..."

Upcoming milestones
Expand services across Asia Pacific ◆
Support for new cryptocurrencies ◆
Implementation of PAY Token utility ◆
Relaunching the TenX Cards in the European Economic Area◆
Implementation of a referral system ◆
Several updates on our app ◆

Damn, life in the crypto space in the USA is rough lol I am grateful that works over here. I was also curious about the Pay Token / TENX token relationship, will be cool to see how that works.

Hit me up when the referral system is live!

Also, have you heard about “Monolith” debit card? Doesn’t offer rewards but I think that it’s cool because it’s a non-custodial wallet/card (apparently).

I did not know... thanks for pointing me to that. Had a quick look and it looks just like Crypterium.

Didn't try the wallet, but if you don't control your keys then its the same as Crypterium.

The thing cool about it is the "theme"... and the way they appear to what to do things. But I know that once other chains start having third party processors or even things like starts transacting over chains like, EOS... things will change.

The point is to take a less-risk approach to regulators (not scaring them) and use only shit tech that is so simple they accept... like BTC, LTC, etc... Then, once they become more skilled in understanding about new tech and tech itself becomes more mature, new processors will be entitled to transact directly with other financial institutions... and when that arrives... VISA becomes... LESS important, because then, it will be from the client, directly to the seller. That already exists I know... but to the point of the card being able to select the right tech and transact in the tech you wish... there's still a big gap.

But it will come... YOu JUST WAIT!!! =) heheh

Tomorrow is a big day when the card arrives... I am going to get crazy...