Change of plans...change of attitude...

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The past month or so my free time is so limited that you wouldn't believe...This is also the reason why I can't keep up with the same pace of posting as I used to do for almost 2 years now.

In order to produce something valuable to the rest of the community one has to be calm...and I am far from calm these days...

So instead of posting some random crap just to earn some STEEM (that's not me...) I prefer to watch from the sidelines these days.

That of course gave me the opportunity to read. Yeah, you heard right. You wouldn't believe how many posts I've read the past month. Not only from people I follow but mostly from people that I don't.

Does that mean that I have upvoted everything I've read? Of course not...

I've seen plagiarism...I've seen really bad written posts...I've seen tons of posts written in languages that unfortunately I can't speak or read...I've seen completely low effort posts whose authors keep complaining that their effort goes unnoticed...

If you dear reader want to upload a couple of photos and expect to be noticed...make sure you do it the way @derangedvisions can learn a thing or two if you scroll down his blog.

I've also seen great posts from "famous" authors who are reaping the rewards. And they should.

And some really high effort posts from not so "famous" authors that didn't cross the 0.50$ mark.

I am lurking in the shadows...

This stressful month, made me change my attitude. My Steem attitude.

Almost 80% of my daily voting is manual, and I intend to make it to 100%. One could say: "Now where you have so little free time autovotes is a MUST." Nah...Quite the opposite I would say...

I had this epiphany where I couldn't care less if I make a couple of extra STEEM every day. I really DO enjoy reading and I prefer to cast my votes after I read first.

Curation rewards suck this way, but I don't mind.

But I do mind to make new comers feel welcomed and "force" them to stay.

We all agree that we lack of an organised promotional STEEM campaign, right?

Now tell me this.

Is there a better FREE advertisement for STEEM than to support those who have just arrived? Try to imagine someone telling their friends that during his first week on Steem he made 15$. Or 20$...I am pretty sure that their friends will jump in here in no time.

I am not suggesting that we should blindly support everyone, because there is also too much junk out there, obviously. But trust me if you are willing to do the dirty job you will find posts worthy of your upvotes...

Don't expect everything from whales, and curation projects...they are only a few. But a few average dolphins / orcas can really make a huge difference and even a % of their vote could be that thin line between pushing someone to try even harder or run far away from here once and for all.

Want mass adoption? Good. So do I.

So why not try the cheap way before or someone with really deep pockets decide to spend thousands if not millions of dollars to promote Steem via an organised promotional campaign? If....

Do I sound like a maniac maybe? Don't you dare to say yes...

I just want STEEM to thrive and I am sure I am not the only one around here.

Want STEEM at 0.14$ or at 14$?

Then do your blood will bring in more new blood...

FREE advertisement...

Now I m going to search the "New" and "Introduceyourself" tags and make some peoples day...

Anyone with me? I could use some help...

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Have a great one peeps.

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Preach it! We need to start supporting new members asap. That way not only do we incentivize them to stay, but also give them reasons to talk about Steem to their friends and loved ones. That would bring in more and more users, and that would eventually bring in investment. I believe this is the best strategy if we want to attract attention.

Cheers dude.

There are many strategies if you ask me, but this particular one is kinda free and beneficial for everyone...

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Well said. I visit the #introduceyourself page from time to time. It's absolutely important to make newcomers feel welcome.

It's more than's crucial...

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I do all of my voting manually. Good post btw!

Thanks buddy, I am getting there...

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Definitely some great points in this post. I find that what separates a lot of my posts from worth the time to not worth the time is the one big whale vote, but I would much rather consistent smaller votes and more engagement on my posts. Don't get me wrong I'd much rather a $9 post with no interaction than a $1 post with lots of interactions, but I'd be happy with something in between.

Slowly working on creating better content, and after reviewing some of my original posts, I have to admit I've come a long way, but know I have much further to go.

I think that the most important thing is to enjoy the content you are creating yourself. If you do, the outcome will be great...No need to stress yourself.

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'Anyone with me? I could use some help...'

Already did this several times (8 last evening).
And is good to have noticed that some other rather bigger accounts do this also for some time now.
Good job mate.

Thanks buddy. As soon as we all understand that in order for STEEM to rise we need to make new comers feel at home and those who struggle to be noticed, "visible" to everyone, then and only then we might have a chance.

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for you

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Lots of truth in this one. I have been unproductive for a long time too, but still enjoyed reading through the offerings here. Good work is always rewarded!

Fine opportunity to be active again, don't you think?

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