EDIT: Tweet about STEEM and LEO and earn at least 13 LEO tokens each!!!

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It's been a while since the last time I sponsored a contest / giveaway. And as Christmastime is all about giving rather than getting, I think it is the perfect time to run a giveaway and hopefully with your help spread some STEEM and LEO awareness on the Internet.

It feels good when a STEEM whale rewards you with upvotes, doesn't it?

Well, I am far from being a STEEM whale BUT I have a feeling I am doing pretty good at my favorite Tribe @steem.leo.

So cut to the chase.

All you have to do, is to simply be creative and Tweet about STEEM and Steemleo in a single tweet.

You are free to make a meme...or a gif...or simply write something clever that highlights both STEEM and LEO at the same time.

That's it. Simple as that.

Then drop the link of your tweet in the comment section of this post and you'll instantly receive 2 LEO.

13 LEO = ~ 2.5 STEEM not that bad for a single tweet, right?

However, if someone wishes to make a post focusing on the benefits of Steem and Steemleo, feel free to do so but make sure you use the #promo-steem #posh tags.


  • Tweet about STEEM and LEO, link your tweet in the comment section and get 2 LEO tokens.

  • If you wish to make a post about it, use the #promo-steem and #posh tags and after you share it on Twitter drop your link in the comment section of this post. Those will receive higher rewards and STEEM upvotes.

  • Each account is eligible for one entry only.

  • You may drop your links till this post pays out.

And to make things a little more spicy, I'll tag some LEO whales in the hope of matching my offer, so that you can all receive even more LEO tokens.

@scaredycatguide ...you here?
@nealmcspadden, you hear me?
@rollandthomas, how about you brother?
@dtrade? Are you with me?

Now...let's just flood the Internet with those tweets and put STEEM and LEO tokens in even more hands, shall we?

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lol I'm matching. 2 LEO from me to everyone who qualifies - I'll let mindtrap here compile the list :)

I will match as well, such a great idea @mindtrap.

Count me in for the matching too ;-)

Ha! Sweet!

I will match and send 3 LEO instantly along with comment upvote ;) Thanks @mindtrap arranging this contest and invite me as a sponsor for future contests.

Here is mine:

3 LEO sent to wallet ;)

Thanks a lot my friend, be blessed with more!!!


thanks :)

Boom! Awesome idea dude.

Here's my tweet.

Nice one!

I won't send the rewards straight away...as you see they add up. A few more might jump in...so...more for you ;)

I summoned my buddy Leom Neeson lmao. He said he was gonna make noise about LEO.

3 LEO sent to wallet ;)

3 LEO sent to wallet ;)

@dtrade, we'll send all the tokens when the post pays out if you don't mind

No problem. I have already sent them. For new entries, I will wait for your final list.



I'm joining you in this initiative and count me in the next giveaway contests.

I'm waiting for 10kLP to end their delegation cooldown period but surely after I'm upvoting all the meaninful tweets/responses here.

PD: How I can get the 'curation' tag? I like to be involved into the LEO platform and ofc I'm showing up my strength with my stake (+15K LEO).

Kindly regards. Hope to hear from you

pd. upvotes will come from @empoderat.leo

Glad to hear that I can count you in for future initiatives. If...this goes well I'll make similar giveaways once every week. Unfortunately not many people are active lately and I don't expect much tbh...

Don't real understand what you mean by curation tag. Usually everything under the steemleo , investing , bitcoin tags is eligible for curation. What it isn't simply gets downvoted

I mean, You and other (@scarecatguide, @rollandthomes) have a 'curator' tag next to your username.

Where I can get one of these? Or what I have to do (besides h¡to have a decent stake in LEO)? :P

This banner means we are official @steem.leo curators.

Anyone can curate but in order to be a member of the team you have to be approved by @khaleekazi and that's only if there are available spots

Love it, here's my tweet

Not bad at all. Although I was hoping that people would somehow combine STEEM and LEO in an explosive mix ;)

3 LEO sent to wallet ;)

Thanks! That’s the kinda festive cheer I like

I'll give it a try...

3 LEO sent to wallet ;)

Cool, thanks!!

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Perfect! Thanks for spreading awareness

Im a bit late to this party but count me in for matching :)

Ha! Better late than ever.

I'll edit the title again...for the 5th time


I hope I have done it right


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