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RE: Alibaba's Hema Supermarket Concept Merits A Longer Look at BABA Stock

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We started a convo re Alibaba - their aim is to control the whole process, from production to consumer. But even more than that - from concept to checkout, with desire in the middle. All analysed to algorithmic efficiency.
:-) you seemed impressed.


Yep, that's right @rycharde. Even more interesting is that I hear they aren't really interested in keeping Hema for themselves. I think it'll likely get spun out. What they are interested in using Hema for is as a test case to develop the "tech stack for New Retail" that they can then license out to other folks. I went again to this Hema yesterday and took a friend who is also very much interested in startup and innovation. What he noticed is just how freaking busy the store was (in terms of delivery drivers in and out) in a densely populated urban area. It's literally like a beehive!