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So this is where Silvertop began to Mail Order coins......
The 1964 UN PESO Silver coin!πŸ˜€
This is more of the story than a High Grade coin my friends........Let me unravel this for you!!!


This was 1964 a time when you sent checks through the mail, and in 6 to 8 weeks after you forgot you ordered something a surprise would arrive!!! πŸ€—


Back then there was only one cigar smoke filled Local Coin Shop, and the owner with the 357 on his hip had no time for a kid looking for inexpensive coins to collect.


So I would look through Coin World and dream of the coins that I wanted.πŸ˜€

So at age 7....I found these.....a cheep set of all four of the the Mexican bronze Centavos, along with the two copper-nickel Centavos and.........One Silver UN PESO!!!πŸ€—



Silvertop was the big coin collector of the neighborhood!!!
My buddies immediately thought I had picked up some extremely rare and valuable coins!! πŸ˜‡

After all these years, I still haven't the heart to tear open the plastic and put these coins in a proper flip or plastic air tight holder......It somehow seem's wrong......πŸ€”

This coming from the man that took a hammer to a Morgan Dollar that was in a plastic paper weight LOL!!!

I hope this story inspires you to just keep on........That especially goes out to @silversaver888.....

Keep stacking my friends!!!!


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Yes this should have been called the bronze Peso being 90% bronze, though having a pile of these would make one feeling richer than one would think. Still worth slightly less than a 1966 Canadian silver dime. πŸ˜‰

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It really was a different time...when I think back now I really didn't even know what I was ordering!! I just wanted coins LOL!!πŸ€”πŸ€—

I used to see those mint sets everywhere when i was younger and they were in the bargain bin. Wish i grabbed them all now. Nice show

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I wish I had grabbed lots more @silverd510....Kids!!πŸ™ƒ

I am always wanting to know how people's passion for coins started and I am touched by your story. Thank you for sharing it.

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I think if you get kids interested at a young age they start to understand not only coin collecting, but also how to save/invest!!
Thank you so much @ronaldoavelino !!πŸ˜€

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Thank You @ashikstd, have a wonderful day !!πŸ˜€

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Hahaha... isn't it so much fun reading through the catalogs of coin dealers and dream about owning such and such coin/s. Do not tear into that packaging, @silvertop, LOL. You've kept it that way for years, there is no reason to do it now... just saying. Your coins are for yours to appreciate more than anyone.. and you can see the contents close range, even if we can't.
a beautiful 1964 Un Peso coin. Mexican coinage feel much heftier to me than US coinage. I wish I could collect more of them.
Have a beautiful week, my friend @silvertop, and take care πŸ₯°πŸŒΊπŸ€™

Yes I do seem to be drawn to the Mexican coinage, and after your last post I see you are too!πŸ˜€
These coins will never be valuable in money to others....But the history of my beginning coin collecting makes them priceless to me @silversaver888πŸ€—

Halfway to the weekend my friend, have a wonderful day!!πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ€—

Hahaha... I am that way too [and I think many of us are like that]... so I guess I will not be able to dispose of any of my coins silver or gold pieces... because I always associate them to something and every piece become meaningful and priceless. 😁

So very true my friend!!!πŸ˜πŸ˜€

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