I found my luck working on steemmonsters for the first time!

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Greetings steemians!


I purchased monsters starting pack when the game steemmonsters had just started. I bought some packs in 2018. Since then, I forgot to play the game. I have just started playing it in the second half of the previous month. So far I have completed two seasons and got some rewards. But, most of the time rewards were disheartening. I was expecting something nice. I even bought four untamed packs but, the quality of the cards were not satisfactory. Even in daily quests I got low level cards, just 5-7 DEC or alchemy potions. It had been a bad time for me.

But, today I got something bigger. I completed the daily quest and as reward, I got one card, one legendary potion and above all 948 DEC! 948 DEC were beyond my expectation. It was a great day for me.

(this is the screenshot from peakmonsters)

948 DEC are equivalent to roughly 2.63 Steem! Wow!
Would that all of my day may give me such a pleasant surprise!

Thank you all!

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