Splinterlands Leg Monsters || My Deck update....

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Hello Steemians

How are you doing all ?
From my end, it is going great but the temperature is dropping, it's high noon but still have not seen the face of SUN ;) Well, I like the weather this way tbh. Let us move onto the topic of Splinterlands today and let me share an update of myself what is really happening with my account.

Invisible Chaos.jpg

Finally I was able to upgrade my E.Phoenix to level 3. I wish I could have taken it to level 4 but if I do that I probably will have to take my summoner to level 7 and that is going to be quite expensive for the time being. So I am happy with how it is. At current market price it is USD 45. When the price of Steem rises there will be lot's of feeling working within myself. Might even feel butterflies in my stomach lol.

Elemental Phoenix.png

Well who knows as the way untamed is being monitored and the way they are acting it is certain that untamed cards are really going be very effective in the upcoming days .

So for now in my collection of monsters I have few leg's upgraded to level 3 and they are RULER OF THE SEAS , LORD OF DARKNESS , LORD ARIANTHUS , RED DRAGON , SACRED UNICORN & CHAIN GOLEM ! Some are of them did took me some time to acquire and now that I have few of them and as of now I am looking forward to upgrade my untamed Leg's.

So far this is it for today and I am slowly getting into the twists of Splinterlands and making myself to see things clearly a lot. So more investments coming and more excitement awaiting as well !!

All the images used in this blog are taken from Splinterlands.com

That is it for today !!
Thanks for Stopping By



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Nice, I don't have many at level three. I think the only leg I have at that level is LORD ARIANTHUS. I do have a few level ones but I don't use Legendary cards in play much so I like keeping at that level.

Well, somehow I got into them and made them to that level. I am getting better at using them though : )
Cheers man !!


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Congrats on getting your Phoenix to Level 3. I'm not making a lot of progress on getting mine to that level. I guess that's why Fire remains my weakest splinter,